Tomorrow Doesn’t Exist

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Where is tomorrow? Nowhere, it is the ever present ghost, a shadow of untapped potential. What would happen if you were 100% present?

Today. Right Now.

Too often we get caught up in planning, thinking two steps ahead, wanting to predict the changes of life and direct our life play, when in reality, no man knows the future. There is  only One who is omnipresent and He is God. I am guilty, so, so, so, so guilty of this. I get caught up in the doing of it and forget the experiencing of it. There is a fine line between “failing to plan is planning to fail” and “going with the flow.”

Life is like a canvas.  I am an artist and everyone’s life canvas is different. Maybe your life’s painting is watercolored, swirls of bright colors, blending together, intercepting each other without bias and subtly accepting every facet of life. Or yours is acrylic, clear in the view point, unapologetically firm in the idea with a full spectrum of colors, expressing darkness in contrast to the light. Some paintings of life mirror oil paints, slippery, wet, textured smears of multicolored abstract views. Whatever you see in your mind, it is the expectations of the future that hinders the true living of today. In the extreme, it is very unhealthy.  Surrender to today. Feel the connection you have to your world, your present, your fellow human beings. Accept your place in today and that you are where you are today, nothing can change that. Then love it. Love your brokenness, love your strength, love your resiliency because you are alive. Nobody but you has full credit for that. Nobody can take that away from you and the present only happens once. Appreciate this very second.
So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today. (NLT) ( Matthew 6:34 )
051388e0dfa0727852664d1f874639b9e6f729-wm“At the very root of worry is fear. Fear of the unknowns or what if’s can erode away the security we find in God. Don’t let this fear overtake you and allow the worry to creep in your thoughts. Place your confidence in Jesus that He will provide and comfort you. Then pray.”
This was a daily devotions of mine some time ago from:
and it’s real pertinent to how I constantly feel here. One one hand, I’m like ‘ahhhhh I have so many ideas and things I want to do!’ on the other I’m like, ‘patience Grasshopper, you must only be awesome today.” This scripture helps me in remembering to make my service just that, my service. On my time, my scale and my journey. That idea is applicable to any and everything. Work on today. You are doing yourself a disservice focusing on tomorrow.


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