The Roundup

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Here is my weekend plus one day. The roundup of diary entries. Day 226- Day 230.

Day 226

Travel, travel, travel. I went to help the volunteer in my municipality judge for the local business competition. I was shocked at how fast it went by and the innovation of the groups. It made me reminisce on my group and their ideas from training.  There were three groups. One group made tire shine that they claimed improved your wheel durability. It didn’t have a name aside from tire oil in spanish. That took away from their overall brand, but their presentation was great. They came in first place. One group made shampoo called Aly’s and it smelled really good. However, I was skeptical because they put birth control in it. They said birth control helps with hair growth, not understanding you have to ingest it, not just put it on your scalp. The last group made massage oil called their logo. When I asked what their logo was called they said oil in Spanish which is aceite. The logo is a ACT. But aceite is not a good name for a product, it was just a default. They had three scents, chocolate, regular and some kind of plant. I tried the chocolate one and it felt really good on my skin without being too oily.   I enjoyed it and afterward I left straight to Managua.
Day 227
I was going to the aquatic festival! I left Managua at 9:15 am and the bus trip was hilarious between a man pushing his chair so far back he was resting on Polly’s boobs, Polly getting frustrated with the bus congestion that she pushed a woman by her butt to the front of the bus or me writing with 0 arm space. Finally made it to San Carlos at 3 pm! The volunteer that lives there says that was a great trip because it always takes him at least 10 hours. Heavens forbid! He and his girlfriend are adorable. I can’t remember her name, but they met in his training site. It’s amazing to me how people can meet and date Nicas. Like, I know I’m cute, why no Nicas ever approach me? Because the Lord knows I don’t need those problems. That’s why. We found our hostel and just sat on the balcony awhile because the humidity here is NO JOKE. If my hair was out and even attempting to be cute I know the weather would have laughed in my face.  Straight like, “you tried it.” I met another PCV, she’s Dominican, super cute and funny.  She invited us out to the bar to see a live band.  Her boyfriend is the percussionist. We had a great lunch and quickly realized, everything is more expensive here. But rightly so, San Carlos is the poorest municipal of all the municipalities in Nicaragua. You can see the underdevelopment. I feel bad for them because there’s so much potential here. The nightlife here is seriously the nightlife. The man wouldn’t let us into the bar until almost 10 pm. I was so tired, I tried to stick it out, but I ended up leaving the group at 11:30 to go to bed. Thankfully, the hostel was right across the street. The parties were still live. The streets were well lit and the music was thrumming everywhere. Surprisingly, I slept great. 
Day 228
I woke up to my toes burning. Literally. It felt like someone poured acid on them. I ran towards the bathroom hoping the cool water would help. It did until I took my feet out. So then I got dressed and walked to the pier. My legs weren’t long enough to reach the water. So then I deferred to the tears and woke Polly. She deduced I should take two Benadryl, wait for a pharmacy to open and explain the deats to them but while we waited we should eat. while walking, I saw a doctor’s lab open and ran in to ask for ice. My toes were hurting so bad I couldn’t think about foot. He gave me an ice pack and after about 45 minutes. They felt good. I called the PCMOs. Dr. vega was pretty useless. He told me to take pictures of my feet and send them to him and not walk around, just keep the ice on it. Well, it wasn’t my ice and I’m at a festival so I’m not sitting still. When I felt I could walk, I met up with the girls for breakfast and put ice cold bottle of water on my toes. Which felt amazing. By ten, the Benadryl was loud and in charge so I went to sleep with my feet on another bottle of cold water. Lunch ended up happening around two and my feet, for the most part, were down to a low-grade stinging. We sat around talking and waiting to party. The other volunteers started drinking so we went back to the room for another nap. By 5, we were ready again. Sitting, we watched the boxing match between Roman Gonzalez aka Chocolatito  and someone else. I don’t know who.  I spent the majority of my time on my phone. My stomach had been feeling weird since I woke from my nap. I then proceeded to have explosive diarrehea. I finally ate dinner around 10 and with water my stomach calmed enough to dance. Everyone was having a great time. Nica’s dance anywhere and to anything. There was this one couple amazing the crowd. They were fast and hard turning and completely in sync. It made me think of the volunteer who just went home. He was a beautiful dancer too. The party never stops in San Carlos, the music was live in two different places with two different stages. So we did the Nica thing and got another table and they drank about 4 more rounds of bad beer. I was shocked I was still hanging on, the naps prepared me well. Finally at 3, we called it a night. I’m so proud of myself and I had a great time. I made up for yesterday when I left the group to sleep at 11pm. The aquatic festival this year wasn’t that great. The locals even said so but the camaraderie after was completely worth the trip. I’ll be back some other time when it’s not a party.
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