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What’s the Deal with Black Hair?

I did not realize how big a role hair plays in my everyday life, partly because of where I live and with whom I interact.  The majority of my life has been centered with people that look like me.  I went to schools that were predominately black, my family is black, and as of lately most of my co-workers were black or some type of minority. I was lacking experience with cultural diversity.  I literally chose my alma mater, a predominantly white private liberal arts school, mostly because I wanted a chance to experience diversity.  I wanted to be in a place that made me uncomfortable, because true growth lies outside of your comfort zone.  Even still, I only had a handful of friends and only one or two were white.  I worked three jobs, was in three different organizations for my major and a member of a historically black sorority.  I rarely had time to know any other races on a personal level.  For those reasons, I was aware of the black hair problem but not a prominent member in the fight.

So what is the black hair problem?

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