Sorority Affiliations

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Often I take the stance of saying nothing, when I have nothing nice to say but in light of the many requests I’ll make an exception. By now, you’ve probably seen or heard of the VH1 show called, “Sorority Sisters.” A group of women convened in the name of their Black Greek Letter Organizations while in college.  I didn’t need to watch it to know it was trash. The trusted Greek Community told me so. There was no display of sisterhood amongst those in the same organizations or those in other Divine Nine sororities. Like all reality TV, it had nowhere to go but down. I personally don’t watch ANY “reality TV.” It is usually poorly SCRIPTED, predictable, false, and even worse not representative of my reality; thus a waste of time in my mind and by default: trash. This show in particular really grinded my gears as it MISrepresents organizations created to protect us as women and unite us in uplifting our community. It is telling women (who may or not know anything about Greekdom and proper standards for any lady in the Divine Nine sororities) it is ok to drink, party, fight and ultimately be petty in the name of our organizations and that is far from the truth!

By using the title, “Sorority Sisters,” our calls and name dropping our organizations they are setting the default precedence for us, a collection of people and illustrious organizations with years of history, NOT THEMSELVES AS AN INDIVIDUAL. The show airing only once has done irreparable damage to organizations that in a sense cannot defend themselves. I do believe Ethel, Minerva, Arizona, and Mary Lou are rolling over in their graves having postmortem convulsions at such a mockery just for entertainment existing solely to degrade black women, at the expense of future generations, for the amusement of other races and profit of everyone BUT US
Lawd if that ain’t enough to stop watching, I don’t know what it is, because all ya’ll “curiosity” got VH1 1.3 million views and slim chances of it going off air. *side eye* I sincerely hope every organization in the National Pan-Hellenic Council bans together and protests, boycotts, sues and whatever else we can because it is abhorrent what these people representing us do in “their letters.” I am over them and hope they get off the air soon. And to all those insisting one cannot protest one without protesting the other shows on VH1…

Sorority Sisters getting booted is just one small step for black women. You can’t say those who watch some form of housewives aren’t allowed to be outraged about this show. Yes, it is a form of hypocrisy, yes one hand washes the other in the entertainment industry and yes, the entire channel is scum and utter rubbish but we are allowed to be more outraged about this one! WHY? Because it is more than women being fools on air. It is women being fools on air in letters and that just won’t do.  In the words of my Special, “just because I donate to the cure of pancreatic cancer doesn’t mean I am for every other cancer existing.” K? Cool. Comment, agree disagree, do what you will and rest assured I will not give this topic another nod of acknowledgment. 
P.S. With all the holiday festivities, I will be taking a MUCH NEEDED mini-vacation. No more posts until January 7th. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Be mindful of who you are and who you want to be. No time like the present to change. God bless!
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