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Day 78
Counterpart day. This is the day I would usually get to meet some or all of the people I’ll be working with but because of miscommunication and the national celebration of sandino the day was moved and hardly anyone showed.  Which works for me because I’m starting to feel sick. I spent about three hours in the medical office and she let me sleep! God bless that sick bed I needed some rest. I wanted to stay longer but my boss told the nurse I had to come back. I left with a bag full of meds. I have to take 7 things daily for the next two weeks.  We had presentations for the rest of the day clarifying counterpart and PCVs relationships then we were free to relax. Relax we did. I ended up not going to bed until 2 am because of a random impromptu yoga session. Two PCVs were sore and I insisted yoga was the answer. I was right. Looking forward to traveling tomorrow. My day started at 5:45am.. Who needs sleep right?

Day 79
I feel worse. I wish I was staying in Managua. I don’t want to go anywhere. I woke with no problems but my ear nose and throat hate me right now. I was told total travel one way is 4.5 hours. So I set off on the bus at 6:45 am. At 9 I got off at a gas station because the man said it was the last stop. It took me about 15 minutes to realize I was not at a bus terminal and it was unbearable hot. The trees of niquinohomo clearly don’t exist here. I waited about 45 minutes for another bus with my towns name on it. Hopped on and prayed to God no one would steal my luggage from underneath the bus. The very cute bus man insisted he wouldn’t allow that to happen. I finally pulled up a little before noon and my sitemate was waiting for me. I literally live right across the street from her. She introduced me to my family. My moms name is Josefa and my dads name is Jesus. I met my sister and two brothers. I like them a lot! They have me a book to read outloud to help with my pronunciation while they did homework. One is going to college, the other is in 10th grade. I’m not sure what the oldest does. I only met him briefly. We have two rabbits named brownie and sugar, the English words, not the translation. We have three parrots. I got to hold one on my finger! And the best part NO ROOSTERS!! That’s right we don’t have a one. I was so happy about that. Literally God has smiled on me. My room is big, way bigger than my old room but it doesnt have any furniture except my bed so I’ll be using my readjustment stipend for that, or tap into the PCVs that are about to leave. 

Day 80 
I feel like I’m about to die. I’m so sick I’m debating going to Managua to be looked at instead of staying to enjoy my site. The doctor ore called my sitemate and told her to get me a specific type of medicine. I only left my bed to go to the bathroom and eat. Fingers crossed the meds work. My mom called me from the states and couldn’t understand a word I was saying. I sound like a chain smoker met a nasal relief commercial. 

Day 81 
Sweet relief.  I’m not even close to 100% but the hardest part is behind me. I CAN BREATHE!! Today I will meet the nearest small biz volunteer. He lives about an hour and a half away. He’s coming to my school to give a charla to all my counterparts. What are the odds?! #blessed I met all five of my counterparts. My favorite so far is Gioconda. I just love saying her name. He-own-con-duh. Since I didn’t meet them on counterpart day I exchanged my Nica resume and got their class schedules.  They seem nervous about my abilities. Thank goodness I’m not. Afterwards I was exhausted so back to bed I went. Today was a very productive day though. 

Day 82 
I’m still resting but my sitemate just told me she’s having a book club with youth tonight. Literally nothing but death could keep me away. They’re reading I Am Mataglpa. Story of a young woman who was shot in the head by the Taliban. They were asking questions and during the discussion it became clear they didn’t know what the Holocaust was. I explained it and who Anna Frank was .. All in Spanish. You can’t tell me nothing about my Spanish today. Not one word because I’m on fire today. It’s definitely something I’m going to continue when she leaves I promise! 

Day 82 
Time to go. It’s truly been lovely but I shall return in two weeks.. If all goes well. My family sent me off well and I felt quite productive once I confirmed how much my rent was, how much to have my clothes washed and my furniture situation. Thankfully my site mate is traveling with me a little ways and then I met another volunteer in Managua. We talked in Spanish the whole time. Another Spanish win! I’m glad to be back home. Although my room is so much smaller there is wifi and my mom can really cook! Sigh.. I’m going to miss it here.

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