Shattered Rose Review

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It did not. I really wanted to give this book a good review. Its my first Christian novel to review. But I have to be honest. I have some questions! This book had some serious character development issues. It was entirely too fantasy, happily ever after for me. So I couldn’t get with it for reality. The main girl, Avery, had a few issues. I couldn’t tell what the author was trying to portray with the hot sexy lover name Jake or the hot but controlled man named Parker. Jake was the bad boy with a heart and he kept leading Avery astray. Parker wanted her to do good and lead her to still waters. Still, it wasn’t apparent until late in the book that Parker was a Christian. There was someone (I am not sure who) praying throughout the book. It is my extreme displeasure to say this book gets 2 out 5 stars. It wasn’t always clear, I will not be reading it again or recommending it to a friend. I am not opposed to reading more of the series. I seriously hope if I do some of these questions I have will get some answers. Until my next book! 
Shattered Rose by Tammy L Gray took me several days to write this review. I was marinating on it hoping my review would get better over time.

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