Review Qualifications

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Hey yall! 
So you’re probably wondering how I come up with my star ratings It’s not just my opinion or feelings when reading the novel. I actually came up with credentials in which I judge to fairly say how many stars each book should receive. 

1. Is it clear?
NOTHING and I do mean nnnoooothing is worse than reading a book, ending a chapter and realizing you don’t have a clue what’s going on. You shouldn’t be asking questions that don’t pertain to the ending of the book. Like “how many sisters does so and so have again?” If the author already provided it, you should remember. If you don’t that novel is probably dry! Which leads me to the next criteria.

2. Is it entertaining?
I should not be stifling yawns because I can’t read the material without tears of boredom! I want to be stifling yawns because it’s 3 am and I have to work in the morning but I can’t put this book down because ITS SO FREAKING GOOD!
3. Are the characters believable?
Let me tell you something, sometimes Romeo and Juliet are not believable to me. Maybe that’s how they acted back then (I wouldn’t know. I’m not much of a history buff) BUT if that were me I would have said “pppssshhh Rom dead? Mk. I’m cute enough, I’ll find somebody else.” LIKE GIRL! You reallly gon off yourself? For real? And Rom.. my dude.. how Drake of you! You crying over her dead body and then killing yoself!? Not cool little buddy, (shaking my head) not cool. AND FOR GODS SAKE a’yll like 15, 16 tops! PLEN-TEA of fish in the sea. Loads of time to get sessy and do whatever it is the young folk do and then find a nice partner to settle down with. But naw! As my grandma would say YALL TRYNNA BE GROWN! See what I’m saying? Characters have got to be believable for the story to resonate with you. I ain’t read another Shakespearean nothing since that tragedy was forced down my throat in High School (no shade to my English teacher).
4. Would I read it again?

There is a joy in finishing a novel. It is something so sweet that vibrates through your entire being. It is a sense of completion as well as satisfaction. Especially if it was a good book; you just feel so elated and free. You are no longer bound by the pages, hopelessly free falling waiting for the end to come. You have come to it and found it well. 

5. Would I suggest it to a friend?
Now this one is a bit ambiguous because friends are like a box of chocolates. Each are varied and few read in this day and age. I am the more studious of my clique and find myself reading entirely more than they will ever read in their lifetime. That in no way takes away from their intelligence. It is a passion for me, a casual hobby for them. SO it is important to know your audience. So suggest it means it is so good I had to tell someone about it; usually a friend. Not necessarily suggest they read it. Of course I suggest them to read it but if I know reading is not their sport I resign myself to gushing about it and why I loved it because.. I am so excited I, for sure, cannot hide it.

These my dear readers are 5 stars and anybody that receives a check beside all these is a 5 out 5 stars! The Holy Grail of Books. Obviously books are like flowers and we all have our preference to see our bouquet full but I hope you find my love for books spread out and not biased in view. Hope you see it my way. Anything I leave out or should consider? Let me know in the comments below. 

If I haven’t read the book, I’m not trying to see or hear about the movie. I believe this goes for all avid readers everywhere.

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