PCV Jimmy Doulos

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I first met Jimmy in Miami, along with hordes of other people. I mean 40 people in one room, how many people really stick out in your mind? Then one day later, Jimmy stuck out as my hero. Literally. I had gone throrugh the airport in frustration, ready to get to our hotel in Managua. There was a man who said he was with PC and would take all our bags. So I let him and went through customs…. without my bags. When I came through empty handed several of the PC helpers were alarmed. They insisted you could not go back in and my baggage could not come out without my ticket stub confirming it was mine. My ticket stub was in my hand .. so after much spanish negotitation and charades through the window. I handed my ticket stub through the taped off area and Jimmy went to retrieve it for me, along with his bags. I think damsel in distress puts it midly when you’re in foreign land, and quickly realizing you cannot function with the amount of Spanish you know. When I thanked Jimmy, he was admant that it was no big deal. The more I get to know him, i see that’s just the kind of guy Jimmy is. If you need help, he’s going to offer it, free of charge. He’s very interesting and has great tips on cooking (which I desperately need). Ladies and gents.. Jimmy!
Name: Jimmy Doulos 
Age: 43
From: Boston 
PC: Biz Sector 
Middlebury college, BA sociology and art history culinary institute of American Napa valley 
Fun fact: I’ve been to 30 Grateful Dead concerts. 
Why did you join PC?
I joined because I am passionate about serving others. All my life I’ve had an insatiable desire to travel so it just made sense. 

What were you doing before PC?
I was working at a Christian ministry delivering bed and cribs to homeless in Boston.

Have you traveled before?
I sure have, I lived in Costa Rica for 5 years. In total I think I’ve been to about 25 countries (Canada, Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Aruba, Bahamas, St. Marteen, Jamaica, Bermada, St. Croix,  St. Bats.), 48 out of the 50 states, all through Europe, most of the islands. 

What has been your greatest experience in traveling?
I experienced “Running of the Bulls”, coolest experiece ever and drinking wine in Napal, Roisa, tuscany, Sonoma, Bordeux and Borgandy. Simply amazing. 

What’s one thing you have to do before you have Nicaragua?
Go to corn island for sure!

What is one word that you keep in mind while working here?
Laugh. Because I know they’ll be ups and downs but laughter makes it better 

What is your ultimate dream?
I want to establish a charitable organization that delivers beds, cribs and furniture to those in need in a Latin American culture 

Did you always know you wanted to do PC or was this  recent want?
It was recent.  If you had told me the process would take two years from start to finish, I wouldn’t have done it. 

Where do you see yourself after these 2 years?
I want to continue traveling and serving others in Latin America. I’ve been to every state except two. I prefer Latin America 

If you could have dinner with 5 people who are dead who would they be?
Ted Williams bob Marley jerry Garcia Martin Luther king Jesus  

When you were little, what did you tell people you wanted to be? 
I always said chef. Ran three restart ants for 15 years. One my grandfather started 80 years ago. Est1924 

If you could have a superpower which would it be and why?
It would be breathe under water. So I can go get fresh seafood. It’s my favorite thing to cook. It put me through college. 

Who is your guardian angel?
 My Grandfather on dad side, with no hestiations. I share his name. 

What do you enjoy most about the local culture?
I enjoy their sense of humor. It’s common across all Latin America. They laugh so much, despite having so little.

What has been the biggest challenge in adjusting to the local culture? Considering you’ve lived here before. 
The need to “quedar bien” which is save face as opposed to the truth.  They’ll beating around the bush instead of being direct instead of like Boston where I’m from. 

What have you learned about yourself in the process of adjusting to the local culture? 
I learned that when I need to I can really dig into my reserve of patience.  One of favorite quotes is, “serving others is not an obligation, it is a privilege and a joy.” Remembering that always helps. 

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