PCV Janiece Stromberg

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You ever heard someone laugh and knew immediately that it was genuine? You just knew in your heart, whatever they were laughing at gave them great joy. Ever heard a laugh that was so infectious, you heard it and wanted to laugh with them? That’s the kind of laugh Janiece has. You can hear it across the room. She has the type of laugh that makes you feel accomplished if you can produce it. Like, ‘heck yea my joke was funny cuz Janiece laughed.’ #boom #missionaccomplished #ishouldquitmydayjob but still underneath the compulsion to find joy in life was a wonderfully complex woman that I ‘d like to introduce to you today. Ladies and Gentleman, Janiece. 
Volunteer Profile:
Janiece Stromberg
26 (27 in April)
From: Idaho 
Bachelors and Masters in Occupational Health from Idaho State University
PC: Health Sector 
Fun Fact: Has a dog named Mustard, that she is training for therapy work with people 
Why did you join the Peace Corps?
I wanted to join since like the 7th grade. I went to the library and researched it on my own and just fell in love with it. After I got my Masters, in 2013, I decided to commit to it. 

How are you adjusting to Nicaragua? Is it living up to your expectations? 
It’s not so bad because I’ve had experiences in India. So I just keep reminding myself, this is not as bad as it can be. I didn’t really have any expectations, aside from my Spanish. I expected to struggle but it’s not an issue. My host family is very patient with me.

What’s your family like? Did they ask about your hair? How long have you been growing them?
They are awesome. They take me everywhere and ask me many questions to practice my Spanish. They haven’t asked me about my hair directly but my family has politely stared at it. She asked to touch it the one time I had it down and asked what my parents, specifically my grandparents, thought about it. I’ve been growing them for about 8 months. 

What do you plan to do after the Peace Corps?
No idea. I’m playing it by ear. I have been planning for the Peace Corps since the 7th grade, I am ready to see where life takes me afterward, no planning involved. 

What did you do before?
School, and traveling jobs through the states. I went to Europe, India, got certified to teach yoga then hung out with my family.

What’s one thing your host family has taught you?
They taught me that humor doesn’t need a language. We laugh and joke a ton despite the language barrier.

What’s your greatest accomplishment so far in life?
It wasn’t being financially stable, although that’s a big thing in my family or getting my Bachelors and Master’s despite being the first female in my family to do it. It was my grandpa, who I affectionately call “my a-hole grandpa” and I finally being able to connect on another level and having him tell me how proud he is of me. 

How long have you been into health?
Since forever. When people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grow up I would always say some type of doctor. The last answer i can remember giving was neurosurgeon. 

Have you ever been out of the country before?
Yes, I’ve been to Spain, Italy, Europe, London, India and Mexico. 

What do you miss most about America?
I am going to miss the snow. 

What are your favorite hobbies?
It depends on where I am. In Texas, I liked paddle boating, yoga, climbing, and backpacking.

What is your greatest fear about being here?
I think it’s not realizing that I am enough or knowing my inner strength. It’s like the more I say it, the more I can actualize it. You know?

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