No Greek Section

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I am going to reiterate my disclaimer that can be found on my homepage before going into my blog post today! 
Disclaimer: The content of is the sole ownership of Janae Werdlow and copyrighted unless stated otherwise by me. No reproduction of any of the content shall be used without prior written consent. If you want to quote me or repost one of my blogs, please send an email requesting permission to do so first. The proper credit link must state the following: Originally written at The content on this blog is the opinion of myself, not intended to “malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, or individual.” My sincerest intention is to educate, inform, humor but mostly inspire you with my words. Comments on this website are the sole responsibility of their writers and if they are offensive in any way they will be removed. Try not to be in your feelings about that, should you find your comments removed. I am not affiliated with anyone unless I say otherwise. Lastly, don’t be so stuffy. If you’re here I want you to enjoy the experience: undo your tie, sit back, relax, laugh a little. You’re here to have a good time. So PLEASE DO! No negative Nancy’s! Afterall… it is a Werd Party. 
Saints, I am here today to inform you of a very well known fact. I know, I know. Where you’re from saying, “I am a (fill in the black with a NPHC D 9 Organization) means something. But I am here to tell you:  You gone get to heaven gates and say, “Imma member of the Divine 9. I know I got a VIP section” and Jesus is going to look down from His Shining Glory and say “Nah”. You,super greeks, need to SADDOWN. I know, I know. We all go through the neo phase (to my none-greeks that means the first one, no more than two years, you get into your significant organization). With that being said, the only people who care THAT much about letters have letters of their own. Even then, if your letters aren’t the replica of theirs, there will be a significant lack of enthusiasm. While I love my AKA and community service for ALL mankind is a strong belief I have, I am well aware there is life outside of pink and green. Since it can’t pay my bills or yours, I suggest keeping the love for it in your heart and relaxing just a smidge. Especially if you’re no longer an undergraduate student. Remember that you make the letters. The letters don’t make you!. God bless you. Announcement over. See you at the next Greek function. 

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