My Dear Readers

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My dear readers, 
I have been a busy little bee. The truth is, I think to write often. Sadly, the time to do so and cooperation of the internet has not been in my favor. I have many events coming up, my boss visiting my site to evaluate my work, finishing my tutoring, judging an English singing competition, building an oven, going on a small vacation to volcano board, and more! Truthfully, I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed and stress is inevitable. But, taking necessary breaks as well as excusing myself for not always being present or perfect, has helped. I have a lot of work here, but I am happy to have the job of my dreams. Nonetheless, I told you I would try very hard to post daily, so I must apology. In that apology, I want to give you insight into a typical week of mine.

  • Morning Yoga/Breakfast 
  • Tutoring 9:00 – 11:00 am
  • Rush home to eat lunch, rest for a moment before running to the bus stop,
  • Take the bus 12:45 pm (often much much later) (Approx. 1 hr travel)
  • Co-teach class 2:00 – 2:45 pm 
  • Catch bus to return 3:15 pm 
  • Co-plan with a different teacher 5:00pm
  • Dinner 6-7pm
  • Study for the GRE 7-8 pm
  • Use park Internet, check email, respond to my boss,  etc. 
  • Exhaustingly crawl into bed like a little old lady 10pm 

Thankfully, I do not have class, but I do have work. So I usually sleep in. Depending on which Tuesday is, I travel to the nearest city, hr and a half away, to use the bank to get my paycheck, to pay for rent and grocery shop. That can take a few hours and traveling back, gets me home around 5 pm. 

  • Awake 7 am, go back to sleep
  • Breakfast 9 am
  • Tutor: 10-12 pm 
  • Lunch 
  • Research, write PC papers, write family, call my mother
  • Follow up to the 3 business in the community I am working with
  • Co plan with a different teacher 220pm
  • Teach an English Class 330pm
  • Work on PC projects, whether that’s painting a mural, recording Nicaraguan interviews, making my lessons plans, planning my business workshop information and analyzing the information for the businesses I am consulting.
  • Dinner 6/7pm
  • GRE Study 
  • Bed (thank you Jesus)


  • Morning Yoga 7am
  • Coteach Jasmina 12:30 pm  - 2pm
  • Coteach Maria 2 – 245pm
  • Coplan  with a different teacher @4pm
  • Dinner (early enough to digest before class)
  • Teach my Yoga Class @7pm
  • GRE Study


  • I used to have a class this day but because it was an hour and a half away and very rural, I had to take a bus that dropped me off to my school 2 hours early. 
  • Bus at 945  but my class wasn’t until 12:!5
  • Then, there was no bus to return until 2 AND they were not in front of my school. I would have to walk thirty minutes to the next neighborhood where the nearest bus stop was. I asked several authority figures, who confirmed, it was not safe for me to walk that alone. The transportation all around was completely uncomfortable, so with my delegado (the person over all the schools in the district), teacher and police agreement, I canceled my contract with my teacher in this town. We agreed I would be available to talk with her at anytime and could co-plan with her to go over the material but I would not attend her class.
  • So now, I also use this day to work on secondary projects for Peace Corps, check on the businesses I consult with and again, research or work on things. Depends on the month. 
  • Dinner 6pm 
  • Book Club (ran by another Peace Corps Volunteer) 7pm 
  • GRE Study 
  • Thankfully, bed


  • Morning Yoga 7am 
  • Breakfast 8am 
  • Work, study, etc.
  • Ride bike 10 miles, 16 Km to my farthest school, it takes a hour on a bike. 930 
  • Coteach 1030 
  • Bike home 1215
  • Lunch
  • LAY DOWN.. I am almost super shaky after riding my bike
  • Depending on how I am feeling, work, park/call my mom
  • Dinner
  • Bed

Saturdays and Sundays are not off days. I often work just as hard as I would during the week, but I try very hard to relax or do things that I thoroughly enjoy. Sometimes, I will hike for the day or watch TV with my host family. I enjoy reading and creating, always brings me joy. Truthfully, this is the hardest job that I love. I am gratified seeing one student get the material. A hope blooms in my heart when I get through an entire class without the students saying, “I don’t understand” meaning, I spoke my Spanish clearly. With the business competition coming up, the Peace Corps hosted competition where seniors of all schools start, and run a business then present their finances, packaging, market study, product or service, etc. for grading. It starts on a local level, then goes departmental and then national, within all of Nicaragua. It’s a great opportunity for the youth to win money to continue in their actual business or service. It’s a push in the right direction economically for Nicaragua and makes more entrepreneurs, in a country that has less jobs than youth wanting to work. It’s fulfilling but difficult work and only the Small Business Volunteers (like me), gets to do it! SO.. as you can see, I have a reason for my tardiness. I hope you will forgive me and the coming days will be filled with pictures and videos! Promise. A lot of great things have been planned! 

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