If I Break Review

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ooooh girl! Portia Moore can write her butt off! Let’s just get right into it! Lauren is living her life, minding her business and staying far away from men because the two she gave into cheated on her. Then Cal walks right into her, literally spilled his drink on her and it’s nothing but cloud 9 from there. Despite her initial assumptions about him being a playboy, a jerk or a strict business man, he is funny, aloof and quite adventurous. On their first date, they go bungee jumping! She is in full lust too, but doesn’t recognize it right away because no man has ever lit her fire this way. She asks herself can she trust him and he tells her he can. Then.. you guessed it. She does and falls head over heels for the man. They get married and she thinks she has finally met her prince charming. But not even three months into their marriage they’re fighting. Why? Because Cal goes on business trips for 3-9 days or more without telling her before hand, where he is going on when he plans to return. To make matters worse he won’t call or text while she is away. The icing on the cake is that every time she asks him about it, he brushes her off and says its no big deal. He literally refuses to fight with her and if he can’t distract her with mind blowing lovemaking, he’ll leave until she’s calmed down. Frustrated and heart broken, she decided on more than one occasion, to leave the marriage but somehow he always comes back to her… except this last time. He tells her he has to leave possibly forever and he can’t say why. She is devastated, sinks into a depression that only a surprise from God can bring her out. Then suddenly after two years of absolute silence, she thinks she hears Cal’s voice in the night. When she tries to tell people about it they deem her crazy and she is hell bent on proving she wasn’t imagining things. 

AND THATS WHERE THE BOOK ENDS!!! WHEN I TELL YOU I BROUGHT THE NEXT BOOK FASTER THAN I COULD ORDER MY BOWL FROM CHIPOTLE! Whew! This book was sooooooooo good! Right about now, Portia can have all my coins! Like whhhhhaaattt? Who thinks of this? This book has a twist so good your toes will crawl! It's neurotic, addictive, great writing with a great plot that's not completely centered on sex! MAN it is my strong recommendation that you read this! 5/5 stars. I haven't even finished the second book and I KNOW FOR A FACT I will be rereading this series. Don't procrastinate. Get to reading!

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