Grievances… Greyhound

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Let me air some grievances. It is not often that I say to myself I will not do something and then do it. Usually I put my foot down with myself but in desperate times, desperate measures have to be taken. I like to travel, it’s in my blood honest as both my parents were in the military. When I travel I want what the average travel wants, moderate comfortability, open communication from the people taking me to my destination and basic needs (clean air, clean facilities, etc.) Well if there is for certain a place where none of that will happen it’s GREYHOUND! The last two times I traveled using the Greyhound Bus it was either dirty, stinking to high heaven of cigarette smoking and no outlets worked in the entire bus (2 outlets per seating couple and I asked around, not a one worked). This additionally to the fact that I had to wait in a small gas station for 2 hours because the bus was late. Of course there shouldn’t be seating. It’s not an actual station, excuse me for thinking it would be. By the time I got to my final destination my hair was sticking up on my head. Anyone who knows me knows that I am slightly OCD about clean, dirt really freaks me out. I don’t mind my dirt in limited quantities but your dirt is a no. I felt like screaming and crying at the SAME DANG TIME! I felt filthy, I did not feel like I got my money’s worth and so I made the small sticky note in my mental not to take the Greyhound again. When you know better, you do better. 
Well, less than two months later I have to find transportation again! Outside of driving my lovely hooptie, I had to find a way to these states, working around the schedules of those who would be picking me up. To my surprise, I was at a crossroads, either take the Greyhound and pay double for Amtrak. My pockets have been screaming Bloody Mary since December because Sallie Mae has been taking no prisoners and playing no games. Soooooooo I crossed my heart and hoped I didn’t die and bought another Greyhound ticket.

*Pause* Let’s just pause for clarity here. I bought my Greyhound ticket a month before my trip. I paid them in full and received my confirmation number. As a customer I have done all that I can!

*Play* On my faithful morning I wake up at 6 am and get to the station early as my bus was set to leave at 725 am. I notice that hardly any one is in the station. Literally it’s me and two other people (not including the workers of course.) But I am paying these small details no mind as I am very much in a hurry to check my bag, get settled say goodbye to my family and get to my final destination. I come to the desk and give the guy my confirmation number to which he says, “there is no bus 1050.” Now obviously he is talking to hisself because I don’t know bus numbers. So I patiently wait as his fingers continue strumming the keys. I have no worries as I saw a bus outside on my way in. He then repeats himself.”There is no bus 1050.” This is when two people from the back come and stare with him at this one computer. Now he looks up at me, in my eyes and says, “your bus was cancelled.” Now I want you to think about what you would interpret that to mean. What would you think if someone said ‘a bus was cancelled.’ “What do you mean it was cancelled? You can’t cancel a bus.” “They changed schedules. That bus isn’t coming anymore.” The woman to his right looks at a piece of paper and says, “they changed that schedule two days ago.” Now I am looking at them both like someone slapped me in the face. Here is a brief synopsis of my thoughts, “what do you mean the bus is cancelled? you can’t cancel a bus. How do you cancel a bus? why wasn’t I notified? Who is going to get me to Atlanta? They couldn’t have cancelled my bus, I saw one outside.” This is all flashing through on a repeated loop on my mind. The man says, “you need to call customer service and cancel your ticket. Since you bought it online it wont let us give you a new one.” I am still looking like someone slapped me. I call, the customer service man is of absolutely no help to me or the workers! That much I could tell. They figured it out ON THEIR OWN after AN HOUR of poking around on various computers. The lady says to me, “the next bus leaves @955, you just missed the other one. It left at 655.” I try calmly to mind my manners, and thank them for the small repentance in my extreme inconvenience. Instead of arriving at 6:30pm, I will “supposedly” be arriving at 10:30pm. 

I go home, take a brief nap, eat a little knowing that my entire day will be wasted on a bus! I reenter the Greyhound and get in line. The bus arrives on time, I walk to give the man my bag. I know I can give him my back because I checked it right after all the foolishness earlier so I wouldn’t have any more problems. He glances at it and grabs a tag and says this where you currently are, not where you’re going. You need another tag” So I have to step out of line, go back to the desk and look at the men crazy who just hours before insisted they would take care of it. The man behind the desk says, “your tag is right there. that’s a different tag, not a Greyhound tag. The guy out there didn’t even look for it.” It’s bad when other people note your incompetence. I walk back out, point the correct tag out to the man and board the bus as one of the last passengers. As expected it was full but there was a blessing in the midst of such mayhem.. The front handicap seats were empty. So I sat there, placed my bag in the other seat and went straight to sleep. Thankful for this one good thing. 

We drive for 3 hours only to get what is about 2 hours from my original destination. The driver spouts details and locations to help you know whether you need to get off or stay. I get off and he provides no further information as to when or where the next bus will be. He walks around to four different doors pulling off bags and I finally get mine. From my ticket I gather my next bus will be leaving at 140 but that’s all I know. I wait in a very long and slow moving greyhound information line. WASTE 20 MINUTES only for the man to tell me exactly what I already knew. A bus will be coming at 140 and it will be in 3 different possible spots. Now I am frustrated and hungry, my morning wasn’t exactly filled with food. I look around to find there are only drink vending machines. I walk a block and see no possible food places except on hot dog stand. I asked the man at another information desk and he gave me vague instructions to a deli. With time ticking I had to succumb to the hot dog stand where the lady only had $4 in change and had to give me my $.25 back in nickels. Thankfully a man agreed to watch my bags so I could run around like a chicken with my head cut off scavenging for food. The air reeked of cigarette smoke and as a girl with asthma I find that highly problematic. I see two buses pull up so I rush back and get in the line I hear the announcer announce. ONLY to have that bus driver tell me to go get in the other bus line. Both buses are going to the same destination. -__- my face. 

I get to the other bus line. It is very crowded and the bus driver is not nice. He tells us too load our own bags and hands me a reboarding pass which means (you guessed it (ANOTHER FREAKING STOP). I have a headache and am trying not scream. I ask a woman to let me sit beside her and thankfully she doesn’t smell. Not long after we board she is snoring loudly in my ear.  ** Since I was not notified on my bus changed I did not know where I was getting dropped off. I asked the bus driver and instead of using one word to say downtown he says, “I am not allowed to talk while driving” TWICE! -___________________________________________-

There is no earthly reason a company should handle business this way!

From this point on I will only and always choose Megabus as the bus for my transportation needs. They have proven orderly, timely and most importantly cost efficient. It is my EXTREME suggestion that you do the same. There are many more reasons not listed why you should travel Megabus. It’s only fault is that it only goes to certain major cities. If you love yourself, care at all for your loved ones DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT spend money or time on Greyhound. One brief google search of “I hate Greyhound” will show that i am not at all alone in these strong sentiments. Between the tweets and other blog posts one thing is very much clear, it’s time to put that dog down (in the most humane way, of course). 

-Sorry it was so long guys. I am really sorry. 

**Note: I am writing this while on the Godforsaken Greyhound bus!*

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