Featuring Coach Livi

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I get a daily devotional email and it’s always a blessing. Imagine my sheer surprise and elation when the writer of the devotional commented on one of my blog posts. I am a firm believer of “ask and ye shall receive” I asked and had the privilege to interview and feature Coach Livi!!!
Tell me about yourself
Okay. So I will be 29 this year in June. I’m just starting my call. You know they say it happened with Jesus when he was 30 so I am stepping into my authority to do what God called me to do. My name is Livi and I go by “Coach Livi” for the purpose of social media. I’m going to officially change my name to Livi Anderson when the final chapter has closed on my old season and I can legally drop my married name.

My name is Olivia but I dropped the “Old”  and decided to step into the newness as the Levite that I believe He is calling me to be. I am called to be one who would take the Word from the masters and make it teachable in a way that can be understood. So that’s me taking my full identity on in Christ. That’s what I’m doing. I graduated in 2004 top of my class from High School. I started working and decided I wanted my boyfriend to come with me. We got married and had children. I have been in and out of college since then to 2012. I worked in corporate America successfully and although I was doing well and had, seemingly, what would be a perfect life I was falling apart mentally. Eventually, I am going to finish my engineering degree. Right now, I’m doing the work of the Lord and writing is my focus. My journey started in 2012. I gave it all to God and stop fitting uncomfortably in the mold of what others thought I should be.

What made you want to be a life coach?
It didn’t start that way.  I just decided I wanted to write for a living. If you look up Livi Pierre on Examiner.com you’ll find several articles written by me when I was using my married name. As I continued writing, things got hard.  I had lost my children and was severely homeless. It was a persistent homelessness but I knew God didn’t want me to stop writing. As I wrote, my marriage fell apart. As I wrote, I slept on my moms floor.  As I wrote, I got into a homeless shelter. After I lost my children, I decided to make a comeback on social media to vlog it.  Livi wasn’t available as a name on Instagram but Coach Livi was. After I created the name on Instagram, I completed my bio and started claiming my future as a life coach, speak, and spoken word artist. The name I started calling myself sort of became apart of my identity but I never set out to become a life coach.

How does one become a life coach?
I’m not a certified life coach yet. There are programs that you can invest n to be trained as a life coach. I’m currently pursuing the certification. Before this, I was just acting in purpose and writing from my experiences.

How long have you been doing this?
I have been doing the coaching on Instagram and sometimes Facebook since May 2013. I wrote as @CoachLivi and now I spend my time writing for A Queen’s Worth.

How did life-coaching lead to A Queen’s Worth?
I started A Queen’s Worth in Nov. 2011. I decided I could not do it anymore. I was unhappy, unsatisfied and unfulfilled. I felt like I lost part of myself trying to hold onto the marriage and the idol of perfection. I separated from my husband. I felt worthless. In January of 2012, I lost my job. I got scared and fell back into the marriage because I was scared of not giving my family all I had. I quit my new job and my spouse couldn’t handle everything on his own like I was doing. My voluntary separation from my last job was me saying no to the job and yes to God.

I needed to let him go because I wanted him to be like me but he wasn’t.  He was a carefree man and I needed to stop trying to force him to be me. Had I stayed the course in January I wonder where my ministry would be. When I finally let it all go, I picked the ministry back up in August of 2012. It was Worthy Queen originally two years before Coach Livi ever existed but the URL wasn’t available because someone had already had the vision but didn’t finish it. It was just sitting there there but I didn’t feel like fighting for it.  So I changed the ministry to A Queen’s Worth. My friend helped me build a website and it was all about me fully coming into the ministry.

What is it? How can people get involved?
The movement is coming. That’s how people can get involved. I plan to establish chapters and will prayerfully seek the guidance in getting it done. The vision is networks and meet up groups where there is an outpouring of encouragement between women. I want to have chapters that are lead by the strong women, young and older. Like that woman at the well. My ministry is not about celibacy and purity. My ministry is for the woman who have been through some things and situations that don’t exactly connect with other ministries but still needs to know that she is worthy. Like the woman at the well, I desire to see a generation that runs and tells others of the grace that is Jesus.  I offer free coaching as well. 15 min conversations that can change peoples life. God had to slap me to see the true root of the ministry. Its about healing and breakthrough: not charging Queens for access to what Jesus gave me.

What was your biggest fear in becoming a life coach?
It was essentially stepping into my authority.  I was intimidated by the fact that I don’t have any major degrees and am very young. God had to correct me to boldly speak life into others who are much older than me.

What does a typical day in the life of Coach Livi look like?
Take the little ones to school. Taking calls. Prayer before and at the end of each call. Taking breaks. I try not to treat it like a job. Utilizing the freedom in my job, reminding myself I can take an hour break in the middle of the day and its okay. I can do that if I needed. Its definitely an air of freedom but it requires discipline too.

What do you see for yourself 5-10 years later?
I realistically see a network of coaches that have been trained ministerially and business-wise. I see the ministry birthing forth more ministries. I see it being an umbrella for nationwide and national network ministries. I see myself going from more face to face coaching to developing more coaches, being fruitful and multiplying so to speak.  Developing other coaches who are living in freedom and that are answering the call in terms of leadership for women.

I see speaking engagements, of course, that’s just a part of what I’m doing. Maybe working with corporations where the message of accountability and healing help to encourage better employees. I see a rise in Christ in the corporations through A Queen’s Worth. I see Christ in the schools through youth outreach. Its not just for the strong centered woman. I see it birthing out other ministries, touching the entire family, not just women.

What has been the greatest moment to date in your career?
Having your mentors look to you. Especially considering I’m a life coach that has not had a physical face to face aspect in terms of speaking engagements and conferences. It’s encouraging to see the ones I looked up to sort of look to me and supporting. It’s pushing me to keep going. It’s almost like having Will Smith reaching out to a young actor saying good job I see what you’re doing. Its really encouraging to have other life coaches already established in their ministries and having great growth acknowledge me and affirm me in my ministry. Real talk Kim spoke over me in a conference right before God pulled me out of the valley. Her words actually encouraged a few posts. She followed me back on Instagram. That was like the greatest day of my career. I was telling my friends but I didn’t post it to the audience because I didn’t want to look like a groupie. But, I love her though.

What is some life advice you have for me?
My key piece of life advice is to really operate in your passion. He has already given you a gift that will open the door for freedom if you operate in it. Be persistent in it. It’s chain breaking anointing in the gift. Walk in it. Do it wholeheartedly and watch God move.

Her story was inspiring, hearing how God worked in her life and repeatedly showed her favor with four kids and being homeless. I enjoyed talking to her and our phone conversation was a blessing. I recommend you check her out on all social media outlets @coachlivi @aqueensworth and subscribe to her daily devotionals! Let her know I sent you. Did you enjoy? Let me know below!
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