Day 87

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Nica 65 is outrageous with the talent! Literally were becoming legends. Other Nica groups from all sectors say they’ve heard about us and our presentations made the why obvious. Because we’re awesome! The talent in this group is simply ridiculous. I wand my bored at all between the songs made up, the cool videos and emotional recaps. The skits and games were so creative. Afterwards we convinced our bosses to cancel afternoon classes and had a huge birthday party for one of the volunteers. She had no idea and cried. So worth it. 

After all the excitement I came home and present my mom with Mother’s Day gifts. It’s a huge event here with parades and banners. I planned to visit carozo Tom and Saturday and won’t be here to celebrate it with her. She loved them. I came out my room with two bags and my host sister (the oldest with three children) jokingly asked if one was her and I surprised her by saying si! I really wanted to get them functional and high quality stuff so my mom sent me sets of towels and sheets. I’m glad to know it’s something they’ll use in the near future. 

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