Day 43

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We are in Managua for corporate meetings all day Friday.  We decided to see the waterfall in Matagalpa on the way, since we were already passing it.  It was BEAUTIFUL and so relaxing. We didn’t have to pay to get in (#win) and because we were early, it was just us, no random people in the background of our pictures (#win)!  I climbed all over the rocks and behind the waterfall.  (See Ma, those $150 hiking boots came in handy!) 
 After we hiked, we waited on the side of the road for another bus.  We got to Managua by 3:30om (left at noon) and got to the hostel PC paid for.  There were 6-8 girls in each room but I enjoyed everyone’s presence.  It is always a great atmosphere when we’re together.  We have great comradery.  We decided to go out for dinner at the strip of bars.  Since this is the capital of Nicaragua, everything was more expensive.  Unfortunately, we didn’t go to the Burger king (I was hoping to try it) but my burger from Overtime was bomb!  The band was playing old American music like Sweet Home Alabama.  It was a great vibe and everyone was dancing even though there was no dance floor. Since we could only get cabs for free until 10 pm, I left at 9:50. The majority of our group stayed at the bar, so I got to experience a more intimate setting without one or two volunteers who came back with me. the quiet lasted for a while because the other volunteers didn’t return until midnight – 2am. (They said they had a great time, all the way, up until they couldn’t get a cab so they tried to walk back to the hostel and was robbed.  No one was hurt though.)  Seeing that we have to rise at 6am, I crashed and thankfully the other volunteers were quiet when they returned.  I cannot communicate how thankful I was for the silence; no roosters or loud dogs because were in a more industrialized, modernized city.  I slept beautifully. 
Estamos viajando a Managua para tener reuniones de negocios todo día el Viernes. Decidimos pasar para mirar la cascada. Entonces fuimos pasamos que no pagar la entrar (ganador!) y porque llegamos temprano estabamos sólos (ganador!). Trepé todos para andar en las rocas y detrás le la cascada. (Ver madre! Estos botas de montañas fuieron útil. Después exploramos, tomamos muchos fotos, esperamos al lado de calle otro bus. Llegamos a Managua a las 3:30 pm (salimos a mediodía) y llegamos al hotel de Cuerpo de Paz lo pagaron. Había de 6-8 damas en cada habitación pero me gustó sus compañiá. Siempre hay una buena atmósfera cuando estamos juntos! Tuvemos una camadería genial. Decidimos ir a un restaurante cenar en al bar. Desde entonces este es capital, todo era más caro. Desafortunadamente, no fuimos a Burger King (pero mi hamburgesa de Overtime estuvo genial! El banda jugieron musicá de Americano viejo. Por ejemplo: Dulce Casa Alabama. Fue una gran atmósfera y todos bailaron aunque no había una rista para bailar. Entonces tuvimos taxis gratis hasta lo de la noche salí a la 9:50pm. Mayoría de grupo se quedan al bar. Tuve la experencia intimate con menos personas. Solo una o dos pesonal quien venga conmigo. El silenco por tiempo largo porque otros voluntarios no regresaron hasta las doce la 2 de la mañana. Porque tuvimos nos levantamos a las 6 de la mañana. Dormí y fue gracias a que regresaon silenciosamente. No pudé decirles que alivida a me sentí por el silencio. No hay gallos ni perros porque Managua es un ciudad moderna. Dormí como un angelito!
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