Day 38

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TODAY HAS BEEN GREAT! 1. I successful went to the bank, got my pin number and online notifications set up IN SPANISH! 2. I FOUND DORITOS!! To those who were unaware, I have only really been craving two things from the states. Nacho cheese Doritos and lemon pastries. When I tell you I hit a jig in the grocery store, I am not exaggerating.
Truly it is the little things in life that give you joy. 3. I did yoga, in a quiet environment, without an audience and for three hours. YOU JUST DONT KNOW HOW BIG THAT IS. Without fail, for the last four weeks, when I do yoga somebody has been watching me. Whether it’s people in the park, people walking in and out of the house or fellow volunteers talking right where I do yoga instead of another location, it has been the ultimate struggle to do my practice in literal peace. But God smiled on me today! 4. I was home before dark! Now this may sound so simple but let me explain. Everyday without fail I’m home by 7 pm, sometimes later. Why? Because there is work to be done. I wake at 6:45 am but have to wait to be on time in the house shower schedule balanced between 8 people. I get dressed. I eat. I’m in class by 8 am. I have class until lunch, where I walk back home (7 blocks) and eat. Then walk back to school and continue class from 1-3pm. Then if it’s Monday, I have co-planning session with the teacher I co-teach with on Tuesday (845-925). If it’s Tuesday or Thursday I walk to the academy, teach our youth entrepreneurship group from 3-4:30/5pm. Then I walk to my friend’s house to do yoga. Depending on my exhaustion and soreness, I do it for an hour to two hours, usually ending at 7pm. Then I walk home and do my homework, study for class, read for PC and manage my blog, while my mom cooks dinner. I eat and rest my weary bones by 9. By  10 pm, I feel like an old lady and conk out, unless I have more homework, then I finish and sleep some time after that. If it’s Wednesday or Friday, I work on class materials and assignments we have to turn in as a group to PC until 4/5 then do yoga and the schedule is as follows above. I have gotten used to walking home in semi darkness (Nica doesn’t have many streetlights.). At first, it was scary. Now, I recognize people, walk really fast and take the proper precautions. I talk to someone while I walk or pay attention to the shadows. If someone’s shadow touches mine, they’re too close behind me. I have to say, I’m in a nice provincial town so I don’t worry much.. Everyone I talk to who lives here says, the people are nice and don’t attack or rob people. It’s not hard to believe with the way the community members treat me. I know other volunteers complain about being cat called and disrespected by their students. Thankfully, that’s not my problem at all. I’m all packed for my trip. Leaving at 530 am isn’t going to be much fun but I’m excited for new sites! Pray I don’t get robbed on the bus. (Apparently that happens sometimes.) 

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