Day 24 – Mediablackout USA

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Day 24 of 25 Days of Werdmas and I am very excited to introduce this guest because they’re making major moves for the community! Introducing my guest, the creator and writer of  MediaBlackOutUsa!! He and his team have been accurately and quickly informing the people (and me) of the injustices happening worldwide and I for one am honored to know the thoughts behind such an important and necessary movement. Check it out below!
Who are you? Tell me about yourself
Hey, my name is Carlton Jackson and I’m originally from Alabama. I’m a hip-hop artist- been doing that for over 15 years. I always had some crazy passion for writing music and story telling. But just recently, I founded Mediablackout USA.

What exactly is media blackout?
We are an underground media website dedicated to helping educate and wake up the masses. We tell you what the major media corporations won’t. It started with one goal in mind- to spread awareness. My team firmly believes in the power of not only knowledge and awareness, but also in the power of our unity as a people.

Our team consists of passionate, concerned, and fearless writers, photographers, videographers, and various artistic minds that all share the will to spread truth. We acknowledge that as a society, we are now facing a crucial time in America where we are on the verge of breaking or making it. It is our call on how the future turns out. It is our responsibility to do right by each other. Which is why we support and join in the frontlines of the fight for equality, honesty, justice, and peace. At the same time, we realize that the fight will be tough one, a long one, and at times a discouraging one. But we also believe that awakened minds are resilient, soldier- strong, and unbreakable.

How long has it been in existence? 
We’ve been around since August 2014, so about 5 months now. It’s still a young website and we are still evolving. 

Why did you start it?
I was really upset about the media coverage on Mike Brown. I felt that there was so much information the people needed to know that wasn’t being exposed. So I started Mediablackout USA to share with others the things I thought they should know. Eventually it grew into what it is now. Mediablackoutusa covers the news the mainstream media won’t.

What were the immediate reactions to it?
Our followers love and appreciate the page/website because now they have insight on issues the mainstream news won’t cover. It also gives them a platform to vent, voice their opinions, and relate to others.

Has it been hard staying current?
Hard? No, not at all. We try to stay up to date on news and trending topics. We are constantly researching and reading. In the beginning, it was hard to gather the news because I was doing it alone. Now I have a team of dope people that I really appreciate. 

Where do you look for the news you feature?
We have multiple reliable sources that submit stories to our email and our Instagram DM (Direct Messages). We always do more research before we post an article though. We want to make sure things are accurate.

Would you say you’re anti-white?
We are anti-racism. It’s just that racism is usually towards blacks, making our website somewhat of a Pro-Black page. We cover injustice with all crimes involving all races. Unfortunately, 90 % of our stories are black crime related because 90% of the crimes against society by authority are against black people. If we didn’t expose these stories, they would be swept under the rug- slowing down the momentum of the movement we are currently witnessing.

Do you agree with the statement “black people can’t be racist”? Why or why not?
No. I believe all people can be racist. I look at it like this; It was only 50 years ago when blacks and whites could not attend the same school, drink out the same water fountain, etc. As black people, we had to fight for our human rights and are still fighting, so of course there are some black racist people that still think about what they’ve been through- there’s still anger and hatred embedded in some people’s roots. Our people went through hell.

Where do you see media blackout going?
I have a vision for Mediablackoutusa to be one of the top leading news platforms for media. We have grown quickly in just 5 months and with hard work and dedication, I can see us going further. We aim to be the go-to site for the awakening.

What has been the most gratifying moment you’ve had since starting it?
We broke the “I Am Darren Wilson” Story. We published that story first. This is when we knew we were officially a media outlet- we knew we had viewers who not only visited us but contributed. They trust us with their information. Also, to see our Mediablackoutusa name/logo on the mainstream TV was pretty cool. Knowing we have celebrities and well-known public figures following our page is gratifying as well. It’s these moments that make you realize you have something great to work with.

What message are you trying to send with your site?
Feed your mind. There is more out there than what they are telling you and MediablackoutUSA is the platform that wants to expose all that to you. We don’t care too much about being too politically correct. Politically correct isn’t real. We care about being real. We want to encourage our viewers to read, educate themselves, and discover truth.

Have you see any indication that they message is getting through?
Yes, because our following continues to grow and people have strong debates on our page through their comments. We care about our readership so we try to stay on top of their comments. We want their feedback. They are the reason we have MediablackoutUSA. They and truth are priority. 

How do you feel about the Eric Garner case?
I feel cheated. I feel unsafe and disappointed. The cop should have been indicted. The video clearly shows the officer using an illegal chokehold or Eric Garner while he was saying “I Can’t Breathe”. It’s not only an injustice that he wasn’t indicted, I take it also as a warning. I just don’t understand it. If it was also ruled a homicide, what other evidence do we need? How many more of us can they get away with killing off?

What do you think needs to be done to fix the injustice of police brutality?
I think it goes beyond our police departments. It is a corruption involving many levels of the state and federal government. To start, body cameras would be a smart move, but Eric Garner was killed on camera so I don’t know how much that can help. However, I do think it will instill some kind of fear into police. I also think there needs to be a disclosure explaining each cops mental history. Where do they come from? Who are their parents? Was his father racist? We need a full reevaluation of police hiring process. The people in the community should be able to trust law enforcement. Give us the same chances and opportunity that you would do for a white person to drop his/her weapon and be disarmed correctly. Why shoot to kill? What are they being taught that makes them think it’s ok?

What do we as black people need to do to improve how were viewed by society?
We, as black people, have to look at the harm our brothers and sisters have done to our own community and each other, we have to acknowledge that first. More black people have to start going to college, graduating and proving this system wrong. We also have to stop sitting back waiting for the next Martin Luther King or Malcolm X and step up and start being leaders ourselves. We have to cut down on black on black crime in order for these people to actually take us serious. That’s the first question they asked is “What about black on black crime?” OK we know that’s a problem, but a bigger issue is some of the people we pay to serve and protect us take advantage of their authority. Young, unarmed, black men end up losing their lives behind that. We need to smarten up and show them a prepared opponent.

What are your thoughts on other media outlets such as VH1 and BET giving such negative views of blacks?
I don’t look at them as news outlets. They are on a different platform than mediablackoutusa. They are an entertainment industry, which is fine, but they should not take responsibility for educating or influencing the masses. Their number 1 priority is to get paid off ratings and advertisements. That’s just the system we live in like- j.Cole said it.

Do you see your site ever becoming more such as a magazine or TV show?
Yes its possible. One of my friends and I have been discussing a magazine situation so that may be next.

I was so excited to hear back from this guy! I love the website and instagram profile and the interview was dope! UPDATE: they have an app as well. DOWNLOAD IT! You can’t tell me this interview wasn’t dopeness! YOU SHOULD FOLLOW THEM! As a matter of fact, if you’re not already, YOU’RE LOSING! This is where I go for news that relevant to me! There is nothing worse than turning on the TV only to see faces similar to yours as either the reporter or the suggested criminal. Join the movement, get uplifted. That’s why it’s here. I loved this interview and am sorry my event is coming to a close tomorrow. God bless you readers! Follow and subscribe! Merry Christmas Eve!
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