Day 23

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Today was filled with many highs and an extreme low. I went shopping with my mom! Now I am sure, in your mind, you’re thinking a drive down the street to Wal-Mart. WRONG! Shopping involved a ten minute walk, fifteen minute wait, and twenty minute taxi ride to another city. We walked around to many stores, similar to outlets. We went to several clothing stores that were huge Goodwill’s but named different things. My stature and frame always leaves me quite frustrated with shopping and shopping in Nicaragua was no different. I came for a dress and it alluded me. Along the way, we stopped for my other mission: Operation Nica Phone. I brought my android with my from the States but it is entirely too smart for the spanish phone chip PC gave me. So I was forced to buy another phone. Now buying a phone, IN GENERAL, is stressful.. now add in a language barrier. In a haste to get out of the sun, my host sister and mom talked over me to the salesman. I know they were just being helpful but it left me feeling even more inadequate than speaking slow Spanlish did.  Then I wasn’t sure they were properly conveying everything I needed in a phone. I didn’t want any extra amenities and most importantly I wanted to make sure my phone could accept the chip PC gave me. I walked away with a phone and tears in my eyes from sheer frustration. It took so much effort to get this phone I didn’t want to fathom doing it all over again if I bought the wrong phone.  Still, I ventured on, reminding myself everything will be alright and trust in the Lord. With that in mind, I picked myself up. Then with our purchases in tow we went to Payless! It’s the exact same store except everything is in Spanish! Then we went grocery shopping. It was pretty cool except you bag your own things and they only have like 3 lines open. It was really crowded. They even have some of my favorite brand names! I was so excited when I saw Aunt Jemima pancake mix! It is definitely on my next grocery list.  Then we went to a huge flea market. It was a series of hodge podge wooden panels to make several attached rooms. It was like a maze. There I found the perfect gifts for my parents! (I know you’re reading this mom and you’re going to love it!) I ended the day smushed on a school bus back to my town and a bag of grape juice in my hand. (Literally, their juice packs are caprisuns without straws. You bite a hole into the side and just suck it out.) I came home six hours later tired but satisfied. Life in Nica is an adjustment, but I love it here. 

Here’s a brief walk through video of the flea market.

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