Day 21 – Ty Hobson Powell

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I was so excited to interview this young man. Day 21 of #25daysofWerdmas feature is Ty aka KappaAlphaTy! 
I had the privilege of reading about Ty in an article online before I met him. It said a 16 year old black male had received a BA in Psychology, History, Government and Public Policy.  I thought  it was great to see more people actually highlighting the great intelligence of black men. Well actually my first thought was “sheesh Janae, step your game up.” lol and then my second thought was “yay! Black males getting recognition!”  He also has a masters in Counseling and is currently working towards a PhD in Global Affairs. (Can you say great role model or what?) Ty is practically a child prodigy although he doesn’t think so and I am happy to call him a friend. Unbeknownst to him, he challenges me to do even more although he insist I am cooler than he is. I can’t wait for ya’ll to read and see he is indeed cooler than me. Check it out below!

Who are you?  Tell me about yourself
Ty Hobson-Powell.  19 years old. From Washington D.C.  Just tryna do my thing.  I love everybody who loves me.  That’s the basics.
Do you consider yourself a child prodigy?  Why do people consider you a child prodigy?
Not at all.  A prodigy is a natural born genius; their brilliance is inherited.  Everything I have I worked for.
what are your life goals?  What do you plan to do with your all your degrees?
I just want to live life on my terms.  And I would like to have the financial security to do it.  Retirement and a family by 30.  Travel the world.  Change the world.  Before I die, I just want to live.
How do you feel about President Barack Obama?  Do you think he is doing a good job?
He is a decent president.  I respect his presidency.  Of course, his administration has had some missteps but that’s the nature of the office.  Every president before him did as well.  He’s the most disrespected president in history.  Given the fact, the he’s enduring that, he’s holding it down.  

How do you feel about the state of African Americans currently?  What do you think could be done to better it?
We’re cool now.  We have a long way to go.  Education & parenting goes a long way.  We have to improve in those areas. 
Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
10 years?  29?  A year away from retirement.
So far, what has been your greatest life achievement?
Inspiring others.
Do you accredit God to your successes?  Are you a Christian?
God is my RocK and my Salvation.  I am a Christian.
Do you have a girlfriend?  Are you looking?  Do you feel it’s hard to find love with the level of achievement and drive you have?
Single and living life.  I’m looking and when I come across someone that captivates me on that level, I’ll make it a thing.  And yeah I guess.  It’s hard to find love period. 
Why did you join kappa alpha psi fraternity incorporated?  How do you feel about the current state of BGLOs (black Greek letter organizations)?
History.  BGLO’s have fallen from their former nobility but young Greek leaders can shape the future and I’m optimistic that we will. 
Are you a motivational speaker?  What do you usually speak about at events and how should people contact you about speaking at their events?
I am a motivational speaker.  I talk about whatever.  Life.  School.  Specific themes.  Whatever.
Have you ever considered writing a book?  If so, what about?
I’ve already written a biography I just have yet to publish.  I also have other writings completed. 

Can you see his dopeness? I felt it. Follow him on Twitter @kappaalphaty. You can also contact him via social media outlets and the email address above for speaking venues. His story is amazing and I hope you reference him when encouraging the next generation to be better. Did you like the interview? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe readers! See you tomorrow for our next feature!

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