Day 20 – Ab4C

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Day 20 of #25daysofWerdmas still going and I am even more excited about this interview! Here is David Ramsey, a gospel rapper by the name of AB4C!
Who are you? 
I am David Ramsey, Father, Husband, Man of God Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. I collect tattoos and sneakers.

When did you first fall in love with hip hop?
I fell in love with hip hop when I heard Gospel Gangsterz and Juvenile. It’s a crazy mix but they both spoke to what I was seeing on a day to day.

How long have you been writing music?
I’ve been writing for about 8 years. Recording for about 3.

What makes your music unique?
I try to speak about what I see and have been through. Alot of my music will reflect what I am going through at the time. I try to be the real life application of my faith and testimony.

What do you see for your music in the future?
As for the future, I have no clue. I have not done music to accomplish a specific goal. I do it solely to share my view and understanding of the bible, life, and faith.

How would you classify your music? is it all christian rap?
I wouldn’t know how to classify it honestly. I am not sure where I fit in the Genres. Hopefully, I am carving my own lane of relatable music for everyone.

Who is your top 5 rappers?
My top 5 would be Jay Z, Slick Rick, Biggie, Swoope, Chamillionaire.

If you could have a sit down conversation with one rapper (dead or alive) who would it be?
It would have to be Biggie. I would want to talk to him to try to figure how or what he had in him that gave him the vision for his album. He essentially called his death. Was it a random prediction or did he really have that feeling?

What is the biggest challenge you’ve encounter thus far in the music industry?
The biggest challenge is getting people to listen. People only listen to those who are cosigned. So getting people to spread your music is always effective but difficult initially.

Where can people find your music and contact you to do shows?
I can be reached on all the social networks. IG is @ab4c, Twitter: @absolut4christ, facebook;. All the music links are posted on these sites and he can be reached through them all. Also via email at for booking.

He was gracious enough to let me see his single cover and hear his EP exclusively. I can honestly say I liked it. I loved the beats behind his music, I easily found myself bobbing along and singing the chorus. I think you will like it. I highly encourage you to listen to it and give it a chance. J Cole and Jay-Z were once in this position and now look at them. This is worth a listen for sure. My fav without a doubt is The Fix. I was dancing within the first thirty seconds.  I highly encourage you to listen to it and buy the EP on itunes here or bandcamp here. I already did! To listen to his previous music, check his soundcloud here! Hope you enjoyed. Let me know below! 
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