Day 19 – Mr. Opportunity

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Day 19 of 25daysofwerdmas brings an inspiration to me and hopefully you as well! This man is an author, speaker and thought leader! He goes by the name of MrOpportunity and is the executive Director of the Next Big Thing Movement. Give it up and scroll down to read my interview with, George “MrOpportunity” Olokun!!!

Who are you? tell me about yourself
Reflecting on the 29 years of my life, I have been blessed with an abundance of opportunities that have allowed me to travel across the  nation and the world to speak for several thousand. Since my college days I have been able to utilize my oratorical gifts to help transform lives, which has helped me to develop my gift and become a highly sought after personal life trainer. Earlier this year I was recognized as a well respected thought leader and ranked among the top 100 Notable Speakers in the Nation, well versed on just about any subject and will move just about any crowd. Among these awards are a prestigious Top 40 under 40 and most recently TOP 30 under 30. Since 2010, I have published three books, the most recent being Exit Strategy was recently submitted for a potential 2015 NAACP Image Award Nomination. In a visionary space, I have been able to set the vision for many organizations that help to cultivate the lives of the current and future generation.The success of these organizations can only be attributed to the core focus on social awareness and educational advancement. Beyond anything that I’ve been blessed to personally achieve I am so very grateful for having found my purpose in life at an early age and for having a very supportive family behind me.

When did you first realize you had the ability to influence people?
When I was younger I realized that there was something that separated me from others. In high school I was always the preferred voice of reason amongst my friends. When I entered college at Florida A&M University, it seemed like my influence grew and it became more apparent to me. I believe when I decided to own that.

When and how did you first publish your book?
I began traveling on the road to publishing my first book back in the fall of 2008 and reached that milestone in July of 2010, that book went on to become a bestseller.

How did you make your book so successful?
The success of my books is based on how well the content resonates with the potential consumer through the marketing campaign for each of the books. I believe strongly in selling the message more than focusing my sell on the product.  It is also very important that my supporters get to hear a personal message from me and get to feel my heart through my words.

When did you become a motivational speaker?
In 2006, I delivered my first speech to a crowd of about 1200 people and fumbled all through that speech, it was horrible. That moment will forever be in my memory because it served as the fuel I needed to never want to have an experience like that again. I then spent the next two years away from the stage and microphone. In July of 2008, a conference coordinator reached out to me, to speak in Maryland at a leadership conference.  Shortly after I confirmed and purchased my flight, they canceled me as the speaker, but I still decided to travel and just attend the conference. When I arrived, the coordinator came to me and expressed that the speaker that they had replaced me with had just canceled on them and so she begged me to please stand in as the speaker. Had I not removed my ego from the equation I would have missed out on an opportunity to reclaim my spot in the speaking arena. I reluctantly agreed and that speech received a standing ovation.

Did you know as a child you will be this famous and successful?
Being famous and successful is probably one of the most common connectors among most of us and to say I never knew I would be or that I wanted it would not be truthful. However the root of that want has developed more and more over the years. I believe that success can only be quantified by the person and that being famous must be centered around the need to have a larger impact and not serve a selfish desire.

What advice would you give to writers and people who know they have more to share?
Start the journey,  make sure you are willing to stand firmly behind your work and understand what power you have to impact the mind with your words and creative insight.

To date, what has been your greatest life achievement?
Thus far my greatest achievement would have to be the hundreds of people I’ve been able to be a personal engaged mentor to over the past 11+ years through my life path and through Mentor One, an organization I founded back in 2003.

What do you think your purpose in life is?
I am solid in my knowledge of my purpose and am humbled by it. My purpose in life is to pour positivity into the world and assist people in obtaining and identifying their best life. Helping people unlock their passion and give a voice to their purpose.

What advice would you give your ten year old self?
I would tell the ten year old me to continue enjoying life,  don’t worry about the little things,  and be prepared for the heavy mantle that God has ahead for you.
I found him very humble because although he has several accolades he was willing to pencil me into his busy schedule. I literally want to be like him, hopefully my books become best seller and I continue inspiring people with my words. I want to travel the world and touch people the way God touched me. I trust He will bring it to fruition. In the meantime, did you guys enjoy? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe. You can keep up with Mr. Opportunity on IG @mropportunity and of course his site,! Get into him. God bless you readers. See you tomorrow!
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