Day 18 – Christian Byshe

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Who are you? Tell me about yourself
I am Christian Byshe’, a natural hair blogger/vlogger and brand ambassador but most importantly I am a mother to a beautiful little girl and a fiance’ to a handsome man.

How did you get into blogging? youtubing?
Going natural started all of this for me. I immediately had the urge to share my journey with others so I did and now 5 years later, I am still sharing just on a larger scale. I love it.

Where did you learn about hair and makeup?
Trial and error baby! Lol I look back on pictures when I THOUGHT I knew how to do my makeup and cringe but I’ve come a long way, thank God. I look to other youtubers and beauty gurus for advice and guidance.

How long have you been blogging?
I have been blogging consistently for a year. I blogged off and on for years before that though. I just couldn’t commit back then.

What have you learned since blogging and vlogging?
I have learned that you have to pay attention to the needs of your readers and supporters. You can’t ignore them because they are the force that keeps you moving forward. So show appreciation and stay consistent.

Do you make your living for that or do you work somewhere else?
Blogging/vlogging supplements my income significantly but I still work a full time job as well… for now. 🙂

What advice would you give to women interested in doing the same thing?
I would say first identify what your audience is and what you want to say to them and then stay true to it. Being unfocused causes you to feel misguided and directionless. So know what you want to say and who you want to say it to.

Why do you blog/vlog? What do you want readers to get out of it?
I vlog to share my lessons, victories and hardships. I don’t want women to feel alone in their struggles or like they’re the only ones fighting any particular battle.

How long do you see yourself doing this? where do you see it going?
Forever. I really love it and the satisfaction it gives me. I just hope I continue to grow and mature within my craft.

How many takes does it take to get the videos on your channel
ha! I edit the crap out of those vlogs before they go live! 

Day 18 of #25daysofwerdmas and I am stoked. Anything natural hair gets me a little close to my geekiness about books. This next young woman is stunning, educated, be-u-ti-full (with two l’s *wink wink*) and a highlight in my natural hair journey. I found her later in my journey BUT STILL I am thankful. She has a blog and teaches me the way of blending, because without these genes I have no idea what I would do with makeup! Introducing Christian Byshe’!!!
Clearly she is awesome and you much must must check her blog out here. Her IG here and get yo liiiiifffeeee! I can’t tell you how to beat your face for the gawds but I can tell you where to go to learn. *hint* Check out Christian Byshe’. I hope you enjoyed her interview and will stick around for more. There is a little less than a week left to Christmas! Subscribe, comment, repost dddduuuuuhhhhhh. 
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