Day 17

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The good news is I got a letter and it only takes one week for it to get to me! The bad news is I only got one. I’m not disappointed because in reality people can email me just fine. I have daily access and I pretty much put all my updates online.. still i want mail. It’s a little ridiculous, I know. Aside from craving nacho cheese Doritos and really wanting to text all my friends, not just the ones with imessage, I’m great over here. I went to another church this Sunday, by myself. Although Catholicism is a form of Christianity, it isn’t a form I am comfortable with. When I told my host mom I wasn’t going, she looked quite incredulous until I explained I was definitely still going to church, just not hers. Little quick story of my life, I have no idea what denominations mean. Words like evangelical, presbyterian, baptist are just that, words. The four major churches in my life were nondenom, meaning they didn’t prescribe to a specific way in serving the Lord. The churches were more unique and tailored to how I want to serve the Lord. Now this is no shade to anyone who likes it but I do not like shouting, screaming, dancing in the aisles, organ playing while the Pastor is talking, hemming and hawing in between his words or people passing out. That is not to say people who do those things aren’t genuine BUT when it happens every Sunday AND distracts from the Word, I cannot and will not deal. There’s really no way to run me out of a church quicker than yelling, praying in a way I can’t understand or centering your entire message around money. Here, the catholic church had ceremonies that only some people participated in. I’m not sure why everyone didn’t take communion or take it altogether. I didn’t understand the constant standing, sitting, random moments of singing or kneeling on the pews to pray. This may be normal, but I’ve never been to a Catholic church so it was confusing and unsettling to me. I chose a church called, “The Eden” to go to. From the moment I walked in, I felt at peace. 
For those who have never gone church shopping it’s really nerve racking and can be quite frustrating. It’s similar to house hunting, you know what you want, you just gotta find it! i came in to their Sunday school. They were separated by age groups and discussing specific subjects. They welcomed me and what I liked most was NOBODY STARED AT ME! This may seem like a trivial thing but it’s so tiring, I am not a circus act! When people constantly stare as I’m just walking or sitting, it makes me feel like I should break out in song or something…. like they’re waiting for me to do something AND I’M NOT SURE WHAT! Although I didn’t understand all the words, I understand more than I did at the Catholic church! After we prayed at the end, everyone shook my hand and welcomed me to stay for the service and return again. The church felt similar to home. The altar was even familiar! I felt blessed to have a good church home away from home. I hope I am as blessed when my 3 months are up and I move somewhere else. Their real service starts at 11, I presume would end around 1, just like my church in the States! I didn’t stay because my mom wanted me to see the parade at 11 (although with Nica time it didn’t start until 1!). They were very understanding. I’ll definitely be returning! 
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