Day 17 – AshleyEmpowers

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Day 17 of 25daysofWerdmas!!! You know how you get so excited about something you have to tell your parents? That’s what happened when my guest today said yes to my interview. I literally squealed and told me mom. I am not ashamed and you will not judge me. Trust me you’re going to love her, welcome Ashley Brown!
Who are you? Tell me about yourself. 
My name is Ashley Brown, I live in Dallas, TX. I’m a wife, blogger & speaker whose passion is to inspire the upcoming generation to live a purpose driven life.

When did you start Ashley Empowers and why? 
I started Ashley Empowers in 2014 because I have a positive message to share. By the grace of God, my “mess” has become my message and I am on a mission to help other women get there as well!

How did you God tell you what He wanted you to do? How did you initially respond to His calling? Did you see all this coming from it? 
God shows me what He wants me to do through inspiration & by putting things on my heart. I simply follow my passions and He continues to open doors. I had no idea that Ashley Empowers would grow so rapidly but I’m grateful God is using my voice to inspire this generation.

Who told you about dating in purpose? How long did you do so before marrying your husband? 
Growing up, I didn’t have any positive examples of what a Christ-centered relationship looked like. As I got older, God began showing me couples who were thriving living for Him and it inspired me to do the same. I knew that I wanted to let God write my love story and when I was 23 I surrendered that area over to him. God healed me from my past wounds, renewed my mind and began preparing me for marriage before He sent my husband. My husband was the first relationship I ever had where we “Dated With Purpose”.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to anyone attempting to date with purpose who thinks they’ve found their Courtmate?
My advice would be to be prayerful and set boundaries right away. Also, practice unconditional love, acceptance & compassion with everyone you meet, not just with whoever you are in a relationship with.

What’s been the greatest challenge for you in your empowering movement?
The greatest challenge has been “putting myself out there”. I share a lot of information about myself on my blog and YouTube channel and sometimes you wonder what people may be thinking about you. I overcame this by being Spirit-led with everything I post. I know God wants me to share my story so others will be inspired and see His grace and faithfulness, so I no longer worry about what people think.

(If you don’t mind) how old are you? How long did it take you to find your purpose?
I’m 26 & it has taken 26 years for me to be aware of my purpose. My purpose is to share Christ love everywhere I go. It doesn’t matter if I’m at work, blogging or simply in line at a grocery store.

What would you encourage others to do when looking for their own purpose?
I would say to SEEK GOD FIRST IN ALL THINGS & surrender all your worries & cares to Him. I used to chase my purpose and never consult God. Now I chase God and he consults me on my purpose…it’s a beautiful thing.

 How has your life and fulfilling your purpose changed now that you’re married?
It’s gotten so much more exciting! My husband helps me with my visions and ideas and I get the pleasure of helping him with his.  

You’re an inspirational speaker right? How did you get into that and what do you speak on? 
Yes, I speak on entrepreneurship, dating with purpose, or customize messages to fulfill the audience’s unique needs. I began my speaking career after winning pageants and speaking to different audiences as a title-holder. After I retired from doing pageants, I have gotten many opportunities to speak in the U.S & abroad.

How can people contact you for speaking engagements and stay abreast with your movements? 
Sure! I’m on social media @AshleyEmpowers. My blog is & you can check out all the latest episodes of “Dating With Purpose” at

Ya’ll know how I feel about purity and by default dating with purpose and courting! Ashley has been one of the main people I have encouraging me on my personal purity journey unbeknowst to her. It was a pleasure to speak to her, any gathering of believers is a blessing. I hope reading the interview blessed you as well. Often I hear people have doubts on courting and dating with purpose because it’s not “proven.” I say to you that dating without purpose has more statistical proof in failing. My God said, “try Him” and He has been proven time after time. Check out Ashley’s youtube channel to see a few of the many successes in “Dating with Purpose”. It was an honor to talk with her and hopefully we talk again in the future! *fingers crossed* follow her on IG and Youtube guys and then subscribe to stay in the loop! 25 days of werdmas rocks! See you tomorrow and don’t forget to comment!
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