Day 162

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Let me just say I adore my tutor. I admit, when I first learned I’d have to have one I was disappointed in myself for testing lower I language than I should have. I also was mad I was losing hours in the morning two days out of the week when I could have been working. The Lord has chastised me in such thoughts. SHE. IS. A. GODSEND! I read my welcome packet with her and told her of the NGO’s I couldn’t find. We successfully went through the book, me translating the English to Spanish (win!!!!!!!!) and her   telling me which organizations were still in my site and which ones left. THEN the next day (today), my tutor lessons are Mondays and Tuesday, she took me to the offices of the organizations and let me introduce myself as well as offer to work with them. Even though she barely spoke, having her there helped my confidence. She knew most of the workers by name, and they gladly received my information and me. Yesterday, I went to Capri,  an non-profit organization, that for 26 years has been promoted with children, adolescents, families and leaders in the process of transforming its economic, political, cultural, social and ecological to improve their quality of life.They do work teaching business classes for youth and offering information on how to start your own business; which is right up my alley. Today I went to Centro de Los Amigos, an organization that teaches pre-school by morning and is a beautiful library by afternoon until 5 pm. It’s a space, open for study groups and room for anything from tutoring, game practice and more. Peace Corps had volunteers work with them in the past and they were very open to working with me. If I can only find some time.. Despite, that, their facility is beautiful and I am grateful (thanks to my tutor) for the warm welcome. 

That was only the beginning; she then walked me to the pool, so I’d know where to go when it opens. It only opens from Feb – April but because of the unusually hot climate, I could go to the pool now if I wanted. Then she walked me a little farther into town to meet her sister, who owns a huge garden of natural plants and herbs. Despite being paralyzed in one arm, she is a wonderful botanist, offered me her name to enter the pool for free AND had aloe vera plants when I asked her about them. she told me she’d give me some for free if I brought a container, because I have a lot of scars I want cleared up. LOOK AT GOD, because I just knew I wouldn’t be able to find any aloe vera cream here. After that, she showed me a river running through my city and we went back to her house. She has been a lovely teacher, a great -friend, and an even greater resource for my community. She helped me find businesses to work with, although that’s usually a project started in the next semester, because I explained my job and showed her my materials, she introduced me to businesses and told them how valuable and intelligent I am. She also knows where to go for things. I printed a book but couldn’t find a binder or a hole puncher, she told me two places in site that binds books. Having been a teacher in the past for many years she is also recognized and respected. People know her by name and proudly greet her in the streets when we walk together, “adios Profe!” “Buenas Profe!” I am honored to know this little woman. She is so hospitable and gives me bags of mammons from her tree in the backyard. I will truly be sad when September ends and I don’t have tutoring from her anymore. However, I look forward to working with her to start her own business.
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