Day 16 -YogaRachael

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Day 16 of 25daysofwerdmas and I cannot lie, I AM JUMPING FOR JOY! Another one of my yoga inspirations agreed to do an interview! I am not one to harp on color but us colored women have not always been welcomed openly into the yoga scene so it is always refreshing and appreciated when I find one and she’s killing it!!! Can’t wait for you to read what this light had to say, featuring Yoga Rachael!!
Who are you? Tell me about yourself?
I’m Racheal, I live in SoCal, I’m 23 years old and I’m on a journey learning to love me and I hope to inspire others to do the same! I joined the USAF in February of 2013 and I serve my country proudly. I believe God and His Word, I just hope that in all I do His will for my life be complete!

What does yoga mean to you?
To me Yoga means being free to do whatever I want. Upside down, right side up, in a bath-suit, in jeans, being still in silence or moving to the beat. Yoga for me is living.

When did you start yoga and why?
I started Yoga in 2012 basically because I was bored! 

How has yoga changed you (physically, mentally and spiritually)?
I’ve become a lot more patient! Like extremely more patient lol Yoga and my walk with God  and the two best things that have ever happened to me. While my relationship with God keeps my mind and heart strong, Yoga does the exact same for my body. Perfect combo!

What is your favorite type of yoga and yoga pose? 
I love Ashtanga & Vinyasa! And my favorite pose hands down is adho mukha vrikshasana (Handstand) !

What do you say to people who think they can’t do yoga because they’re a christian? 
I’d say “Yoga isn’t a religion, BUT you can add your religion to your Yoga. It’s what YOU make it!”

What do you say to people who say they can’t do yoga because of their body type?
That body type has ZERO to do with the practice and Journey. Yoga doesn’t “look like” anything. It’s Yoga. Period.

Do you do any other exercise outside of yoga?
Yes! In addition to my practice I do quite a bit of Calisthenics.

How often do you do yoga? What keeps your coming back to yoga?
Umm I’d say about 4-5 days a week usually. But sometimes my body wants to rest. So I listen to it. I think the longest break I’ve taken to date has been about 2 weeks or so.

Do you teach classes? if so, when and where?
Not yet! 😉*wink wink*

What has yoga taught you?
It’s taught me that there are no ends, but endless beginnings.

What are other women’s response to you doing yoga and your yoga journey?
Most become very intrigued lol But overall I get asked, “How do I start!” Or “I want to learn!” Which I think is super awesome!

Where do you see yourself in five years?
5 years … living on an island with my husband eating a load of pineapples. haha but seriously. I just want to travel, teach, and show the world that true success comes from God. And that with Him any and all things are, in fact, possible. 

To date, what has been your greatest life achievement?
My greatest life achievement, Wow! I think to date it would have to be realizing the importance of becoming and remaining humble: because nothing I do is really about me. 

Yas! YYYYASSS! Don’t you just love her?! I didn’t even know she was a Christian! Look at God! Look how Children of Light find each other! One of the few objections I hear when I mention yoga and the good things it has done to my body is,  ”Why would you do that? It’s hindu tradition.” That is not only bothersome but it’s false. Yoga is a quiet space where I can meet the Lord and replenish my spirit. Yoga is what you make it. You don’t have to wrap your legs around your head. You can stay in downward dog all day if that’s what makes you comfortable! So I am thankful for this interview and I HOPE YOU GUYS LOVE IT AS MUCH AS I DID!!!  Get into her @yogarachael on IG and when she gets licensed I AM GOING TO BE ONE OF THE FIRST LINED UP FOR CLASS! Her site is pretty dope too. Check out my other features and more by subscribing (at the bottom of the page on mobile and on the right on computer site)!!! Be blessed loves!
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