Day 149

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Today was my first official day of work! I didn’t have to take a bus, I didn’t have to worry about when to get up or eat lunch. It was pretty straight forward. I had to classes back to back in the Institute in my town. One class from 12:15-2pm and the other from 2-245 pm. One class was decimo or tenth grade, the equivalent of American 11th grade and the other was undecimo or eleventh grade, the equivalent of 12th grade. They don’t have 12th grade here and it’s normal for students to graduate at age 16.  I have decided to observe three classes before beginning to co-teach and make suggestions on class activities. I saw one class was very calm, excited to meet me and attentive to their teacher despite their excessive energy. The other class had a lot of boys and consequently a lot of trouble makers. I can tell I am going to have to rule with a firm hand there. From the moment I walked in the class, the boys whistled at me and cat called me. During class, they intentionally dragged desks across the ground to see what the teacher would do at the screeching sounds. My hope is that I will make the class so much fun they won’t focus on being a distraction. My teachers seem oblvious to the idea of co-planning once a week for the following class but hopefully they warm up to the idea. Afterwards, I presented an idea of having English tutoring for 7th ad 8th graders to the Principal. She told me she would collect a list of students who need it. My Spanish tutor told me students don’t start learning English until 7th and 8th grade here and it’s often hard for the students to understand. I am excited about the idea. It will help me understand the needs of my students and how Nicaraguans like to learn. It will also give me an opportunity to practice my Spanish as I teach them English. Can’t wait to see progress in a few weeks! 

ALSO, two new women came to my yoga class this week! I love those ladies. 

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