Day 144

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The loneliness is what really gets to you. Think of your support system. Think of the people that matter the most to you. How did they come to be in your life? Are they family members? Maybe friends of the family? Maybe you went to the same schools. But here, it’s different. My coworkers aren’t my age. They all have families and obligations that don’t even come to my mind. My potential students are max 16 years old. Considering extreme age differences in relationships isn’t a big deal here, I wouldn’t even consider getting too close to my male students and would be a mentor to my female students. I don’t know where to go or how to know what’s real. I know I’ve only been here awhile but a friend could change the tide. Being sick, hasn’t made me physically hurt as much as last time. I caught it very quickly. But it has caused me to think and reflect. I have a huge obstacle of work to get over, but I’d rather try than do nothing. 

PS. It’s hard being sick and I realize it’s been making me less vigilant in my writing but know that I’m dedicated to sharing my story, even in my sickbed. So ignore any possible spelling errors you might see. ☺️ I’ll be fully well soon and back to spell checking on a computer. 👍🏾

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