Day 140

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It’s so quiet. How could I not sleep in, when did the first time in a very long time, the house is so quiet. No one is blasting the TV, there aren’t any drunk men outside my window and the typical animal is keeping all its noises to itself. Sleeping in felt great. Thank goodness today is a Nicaraguan holiday. They are celebrating 36 years of liberation from the dictator Somosa (I think I wrote that correctly). It was a huge celebration and I got a small history lesson into my there is a little hostility towards Americans. Apparently, like always, we stuck our nose where it didn’t belong and supported the dictator, causing him to rule a few more years than he would have. Nonetheless, the celebration was beautiful, full of colors and songs. There were prayers and rituals. For such a small country, they showed out in Managua. And I’m grateful, because my house is quiet. 

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