Day 117

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I kept down two crackers and sips of water mainly but chewing ice. My state of health is still declining though. We waited until midday to get a ride to Managua. I threw up in the car on the way there. My entire body is starting to hurt. Doc says its early onset muscle failure from having no electrolytes in my body and dehydration. Getting another IV was pure hell. The lady tried five times before getting a vein. She said, “tiene las venas de niña.” You have the veins of a child. I am naturally small, as are my body parts, but add in dehydration and everything shrinks some more. The arm that had veins showing was in so much pain from yesterday’s IV and the blood the nurse took this morning she couldn’t use it. I’ve cried so much today and tried to breathe through all the pain. It’s been really hard, especially not being able to talk to my mom. Thankfully, Megs was here with me. She’s been so helpful. I want to get out of here for her. She’s skipping work and showers. I left the hospital at 9 pm. Another day wasted in a hospital. 

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