Day 107

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Today was a day full of patience. I got into a small confrontation with my family. Situations like this are always hard. Why? Well language barrier. It just is an ever presence wall. Then cultural barriers. Sometimes I don’t know what’s best to do. I could accidentally offend my family. Past volunteers have done that before and been asked to find a new place to live because of cultural miscommunications. So the issue was rent. I have a contract that says I pay one amount for food and one amount for rent without food. However this month specifically, I spent the first almost two weeks in my training town. I wasn’t allowed to come to my site until I finished a few Spanish classes. So I did the math and paid my site mom for the time i would be where this month. She insisted I pay the rest. I tried to explain that was it. There was no more because I wasn’t here for two weeks. We went in circles, repeating the same things in Spanish. She went and got my contract and told me to read it. Now here’s the funny thing about learning a new language. You can see the words, know how to pronounce the words because you’ve learned letters and still not know what the word means. It’s hard to imagine yourself as a child but when children start reading they ask their parents what every new word they see means. Because they can read but they have no understanding. That’s what it was like reading the peace corp contract. I could read he words and I got the overall gist but I wasn’t sure what all the words actually meant. I offered to call my boss for clarification. My mom insisted I wait for her husband to try and translate better. I think she thought if I called my boss somehow Id be mad. I admit, I was frustrated. I mean I was exhausted, had a serious headache and do not like being treated like I’m stupid but I wasn’t mad. More so tentative because I didn’t want to say the wrong thing and risk my new home. Thankfully, someone from peace corps called me back and translated and crisis averted. I’m proud of myself for remembering through the entire ordeal to breathe, ask for patience and pray. Usually, in situations like this I do get mad. I don’t like misunderstandings. But I asked God to let me gain patience by being here. Test number one came and I passed! #inyourfacedevil

That night I taught my first yoga class in Spanish! We forgot to promote it because my sitemates didn’t get back until today and I wasn’t going to have the first class without them. All in all I say it was successful! It was small but beautiful. Afterwards, we drank tea. I love Nicaragua. Same time, same place, next week, same class. This time I’ll be ready. More people are coming. I’m trying to find a place in the states that will donate yoga mats for the women here. It’s expensive for them and they need the exercise. Fingers crossed the NGO we emailed writes back. 

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