Comparison Breeds Discontent

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“You will never be able to walk in my shoes; mainly because I don’t plan on taking them off to prove anything to you.”
-Sarah D. Jakes

My mom always told me, “comparison breeds discontentment.” I took that to mean no matter where I am in life, I should never look farther than myself and the bible to gauge my level of success.  Society has a way of telling us to fit in. I don’t know when it happens but by the time we are adults, we begin to look everywhere except ourselves to measure our own success. Psychology calls it, “the Asch Conformity theory”.  In school we called it, “Peer Pressure”.  Somehow the idea that being different or choosing your own path is ridiculed and unfavorable, until proven successful. For example, Einstein is NOW praised and held as one of the greatest scientists of all time. Although most people cannot list his achievements or discoveries they do know his name and face.  He was slow to speak as a child, extremely behind in comparison to children his age. I am sure that made him the butt of several jokes in school, but look at him now.  When you compare your journey to someone else’s three things happen:
1. You discredit God
When you serve the Creator of Time is it even relevant to ask, “But God when is my time coming?” It’s almost childish. So you’re 40 and haven’t had a child yet. So? It is not beyond God’s power to make you have the womb of a 20 year old. Grow up. Increase your faith. I would suggest study the women of the bible who had the same issue and were blessed.

2. You discredit yourself
The only person who knows exactly where you started in relation to where you are right now is you and God. You compare yourself to someone else not knowing where that person started! You might think, “they have everything I want right now.” Not knowing it took them twice as long as it will take you to get it. Accept your journey completely. It is yours, singularly, uniquely  and completely unlike any one else in the world. There is beauty in that and it makes you incomparable. 

3. You stress yourself unnecessarily
Sometimes it is ok to be disappointed in yourself. When that happens you can either do one of two things: cry about it OR fix it! Don’t waste time by moping around. When things happen that make me upset I give myself 24 hours to adjust. Meaning if I want to cry, I only have 24 hours to do so. If I want to be angry, I can only be angry for 24 hours. After that I say to myself, “Ok, can I change it?” If the answer is no, then being upset is useless and I must move on. If the answer is yes, then I will do what I can to change it. Either way, excessive emotions are draining, and quite frankly, a childish thing. (I Cor. 13:11)

So! Are you comparing yourself to others or learning to embrace your own path in life? Tell me in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!!
P.S. Happy Thanksgiving Ya’ll.

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