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The Fault in our Stars Review

Since I have read almost all books that are popular movies right now, I was stuck on what to read. However, there was one I had no interest in: the Fault in our Stars. The trailers had not peaked my interest as I thought it was about sick people and I could not image it had a happy ending. One Friday with nothing to do heres what happened:

I began hopeful. BUT

It was interesting immediately, especially the author’s note. I can say it was well written! I, on numerous occasions thought, for a man he sure knows how to narrate a woman! Augustus is the boy we all want to meet, mischievous enough to be a bad boy but thoughtful, sarcastically witty and obviously hot. Hazel Grace is who women wish to be, the more thoughtful you. The girl given to thinking of others more than the arbitrary details of self. As I suspected it was a sad book, but not in the way that you think. I choked up right near the end, I did, and I’m not the tearing up kind of girl. However, a young thug had a glory tear when Augustus farewelled. Having experienced a death in my family due to cancer it hit too close to home and I understood the finality in looking down on someone in their casket, knowing that person is nothing similar to who they actually were. Hazel, thankfully lives on; trucking as much as anyone with stage IV cancer can. I liked the small cliff hanger that Augustus could have convinced Peter Van Houten to write a sequel. Or that Hazel and her family could have moved on. Maybe she will get better and maybe she won’t but has made peace with that. I loved the way Gus so effortless kept sacrificing for Hazel. Even in death, he lamented to write a man he loathed so that Hazel might get something beautiful. That is the true measure of love: thoughtfulness. Without hesitation, this book gets 4/5 stars. It was interesting, engaging, and worthwhile. I connected with the characters and found the reading to be plausible. Despite all that I know I will not read this book again. It was beautiful while it lasted. 

I strongly suggest you read it and try your best to “notice the universe.” 

First Lady Review

As a strong recommendation from a friend, I read First Lady by Carl Weber. To those unaware, he is renowned in African American fiction. It’s exactly what it sounds like. I read the entire book like a boss. 
 So the plot is revolving around Mrs. Charlene, wife of TK Wilson, pastor of First Jamaica ministries. Once she finds out she’s dying from pancreatic cancer she sets out with her best friend to control lives from the grave with letters in hopes that the right woman steals her husband’s heart. 

  • Marlene, the first prospect, was TK’s high school lover and partner in crime. Although he cleaned up his drug use she struggles daily. They’re still connected by a son and although Charlene thinks they’re a good fit Marlene’s insecurities and baggage are getting in the way. She got a huge monkey on her back that just won’t quit. 
  • Lisa Mae, best friend of Charlene and former First Lady at another church is in the running for TK’s heart. Although her resume is flawless and she’s about that church life Tk isn’t feeling her. She’s beautiful and got the church game down pack but she never shares herself personally with the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Among other things, she’s focused on the wrong things in this relationship. Plus her lil flunky Loretta leading her down the path of unrighteousness! 
  • Monique, po child is just what you would think when you hear that name. Every church has one, the fine hussy that men can’t help look at and church women rebuke. She lets it all hang out and have the nerve to sit in the front pew. She set her eyes on Tk and the bishop likes her a lot. But church politics never get out of the way and her reputation did indeed precede her. Doesn’t look like a match made in heaven because of everybody else, no matter how similar she was to First Lady Charlene. Her heart broken because she really does love the Bishop and a big decision to make . I wasn’t sure it would be a happy ending. 

Between all the ups and downs of this book it showed the truthful inner workings of the church. Though not always prevalent, the pastor of a church must have a First Lady and his heart isn’t always the deciding factor. I enjoyed this book. Sadly, as is most african American fiction is it was predictable. Still enjoyable with a few laughs in between. 3/5 stars. I won’t be reading it again and I can’t see myself recommending to to my trusted reading circle. STILL, if you’re into african American literature and have a few days (or one in my case) to spare, do read! It won’t let you down. 

The Help Review

I have read this book before but I am rereading to give you my review. This book is beautiful and worth a reread. This beautiful novel is filled with  characters similar to my own friends. I felt like it was me and my girlfriends teleported back a few generations. Minny’s fiery spirit is a kindred soul to me. I know what it’s like to have a sass mouth as I know what it’s like to hold anger inside because you feel hopeless for change. Aibileen so calm and wise but struggling to let go of the sadness that take root in her heart from losing her son. Ms. Skeeter was a feminist and she didn’t even know it. Unlike her friends, she was content to focus on her career and uncommon dreams than to settle and marry. She reminds me of my awkwardness and is a reminder to all women about standing for what you believe in. This novel challenged me thinking of racism, the value of education and the power in writing at the time and to remember the life lessons imparted from that generation. Unlike 95% of books that become movies I was thoroughly pleased with the movie. I’m glad it was recognized by various awards and ultimately I would reread! It gives 5/5 stars! I laughed at times. Sometimes I was provoked to serious thought. This book definitely moved me. The ending left me feeling like “me and you will never part”
My favorite line from the book is the dialogue between Constantine and a then preteen Skeeter. 
“Well? Is you?”
I blinked, paused my crying, “Is I what?”
“Now you look a here, Eugenia” – because Constantine was the only one who’d occasionally follow Mama’s rule. “Ugly live up on the inside. Ugly be a hurtful, mean person. Is you one a them peoples?”
it was a turning point in Skeeter’s life because it symbolized a choice. It was her choice to be what people called her. I say the same to you. Choose who you are today, whether they call you ugly, Republican, gay or stupid. I say to you, “Well? Is you?”
Tell me about it in the comments. Were you feeling the same way as I did reading it? Who’s your favorite character? 

Casual Vacancy Review

Sooooo let’s get into how Jk Rowling was one of the greatest and well known writers of my time. Harry Potter killed the game and slayed in ways your fav could never. Talk about shutting haters up. Sister girl went from HOMELESS to her own personal reinactmet in Disney. That is indeed what dreams are made of. Anyways, so she dropped a separate book from the Potter series because all good things must come to an end. Word on the street is the book was no good. I’ll let you know. Bbl. ✌️
My dear readers,
I have failed you. No forget that, this book has failed me! I am 100 pages in and bored out of my mind! There is indeed a vacancy here AND IT IS IN THESE PAGES! No JK just NOOOOOOOO and no JK (pun intended).
It appears she threw her inner child in a box, stuffed her away and wrote do not open on the top. LAWD! This book was tragic. So tragic I could not and will not finish. If you forget the gigantic snore fest it was, you will see a provincial town full of muggles (for all those unaware those are humans with no supernatural abilities) who are living the most .. well I can’t place my finger on the exact word I’m looking for…something like a soap opera. Deaths, rape, poverty, etc… It sounds like it will be fulfilling. It’s not. There is indeed a way to add marvel to ordinary and even find wonder in tragedy. Ms. Rowling has come short of that in the worst way. My inner child was so displeased. It was not because I was reading, looking for magic either. I read it unbiased as any reader could be. She came short of adding depth to her characters and meaning in a name. Why after 100 pages the one character who stands out to me who could be of interest is Andrew, the pimple ridden adolescent who masturbates when thinking of his classmate Gaia and wishes his father was dead.Talk about anticlimactic. 1 out of 5 stars and I did not want to believe it. 

So what are you thoughts? Did you read it? Feel the same way or nah? Leave your comments below I am so interested to see. 

The Host Review

The Host is my favorite book of all time. I have read it over 50 times. I have it hard copy and ebook on all my devices. There is no way for me to write it as if I haven’t read it before so I will review it as I remember my first reactions to be. Sidebar: the movie was NOT good and I was beside myself angry at Stephanie so much because she poured herself into the filming of the Twilight Saga and because of her depression when it came to an end allowed the producers to do what they wanted without her supervision. -_- It was more than apparent.. I digress.
The Host is written in a time were there is peace, a shallow sense of peace. And like all things, violence and resisranc is bubbling just under the surface. Alien life forms, they call themselves hosts, have taken over our race. They took over subtily and by the time we realized, intent to fight back, it is too late. They insert themselves into our heads and become us, the less hostile, peaceful version of us. They came, as they say, to stop the wars and heal our world. But a resistance force exists. There fighting to stay alive as themselves, as humans with no hosts. 
We’re narrated by Melanie and Wanderer. Two souls that are completely different, in one body. They initially start hating each other. Wanderer, Wanda for short, trying desperately to ignore Melanie’s existnence hoping she’ll go away and Melanie, angry that she has no control in her body but fiercely existing, stubborn to never disappear. Slowly, they become friends as Wanda becomes sympathetic and similiarly curious to meet the humans her body loves without ceasing. Going against everything she knows Wanda takes her body wandering off into the wiilderness, hoping to find her family. They find more than they bargain for. At one point I am repulsed by the capability we as humans have to hate and hurt others.

This story, admitlly starts a little slow. However, the slow start is necessary to build background. If you can just get passed the first few chapters you will be rewarded in a whirlwind of adventure, love, betrayl and wondering as we see the terrible nature and the beautiiful compassionate side in humanity. Two Souls become friends. You’ll be hard pressed to put it down! I was serious about it. LLLLLLLIIIIIKKKKKEEEE 

The ending was absolutely beautiful and it made my heart smile. The ending alone makes you want to start the novel all over again! This book is 5 out 5 stars to me and I thoroughly recommend you reading it EVEN if you hate the Twilight series. If you’re not into horror and Scifi, I still recommend it because it’s only scifi, not scary butt probing aliens. Get hip to it. Were you aware of this novel? Did you feel the same way I did? Let me know in the comments. 

My Favorite Books…

Well I have tried several times to compile this list.  It was quite frustrating and the truth is:
I will list a few I enjoyed several times over.

  • The Host – Stephanie Meyer
  • Adaptation- Malinda Lo
  • Inheritance – Malinda Lo
  • Man Made Boy – Jon Skovron
  • The Underland Chronicles – Suzanne Collins
  • Harry Potter Series collectively- JK Rowlings

What do you like? Tell me in the comments.

Crossover Review

Reader suggested Crossover is a novel written by Kwame Alexander. This novel is written like a basketball play and poetically. I have to admit I was unsure but from the very beginning I was pulled in! I DONT EVEN LIKE BASKETBALL! The only thing I could envision while reading was this:
But the story is realistically relatable. 8th grade Justin Bell has a twin brother and is a beast on the court. He’s struggling with issues of life: being an adolescent, finding his own identity separate from his identical twin brother, and being alone. Like we all did in middle school, he has outbursts in anger and learns several life lessons. I recommend you read this short book and go for a ride! 4/5 I don’t like basketball so I won’t reread but it was just enough that I could tolerate it for the first read. Thoroughly relatable though! 

Game For Marriage Book Review

Game For Marriage was a good read! I read it in a few hours (although that’s not solely a good indicator of good writing, it merely means I was curious enough to see it through until the end.) Had me like 
If this movie was a movie it would be on Netflix and I wouldn’t watch it unless I had absolutely nothing else to do but cuddle with my boo. It was a certified chick flick on paper. Struggling artist, Sheridan is just a regular girl trying to make it in a big world. She had no intentions of falling for NFL player Jared and yet she did. (Don’t worry girl we all make dumb decisions for a hot bod.). Somehow they forge a fake marriage to improve his image that blurs the lines between real and fake. Thankfully and predictably, it has a happy ending. It was a good read. It was my first time reading Karen Ericksons’s writing and I enjoyed. She has a way of  explicitly describing sex scenes without being too vulgar or overzealous. It was tastefully visual and essential to the story plot. I hate when characters do the nasty just because in a book. Its a lazy cop out some famous writer who shall not be named took but won a movie deal out of their several shades of written trash… I digress. 4.5 stars, I can’t decide if I would actually admit to reading this to my friends to say they should read it. It was good and I would reread it when I had time and wanted a guaranteed good story. It certainly made my heart feel light when Jared and Sheridan lived happily ever after. Check it out. (PS I GOT THIS BOOK FOR TOTALLY FREE AND NO BOOK IS AS GOOD AS A FREE BOOK YOU KNOW SOUNDS INTERESTING! YOU HEARD ME!? ) onto my next reader conquest!

Dance For Me Book Review

Dance for Me by Helena Newbury needs to be a movie! (only if they stay true to all the book facts though!) This book was hauntingly complex. Two people, Natasha, a prestigious ballet dancer whose passion stems from a crazed obsession and Darrell, an engineer married to his work by force, not choice.  Both are terrorized by their past, stuck living unfulfilled and without hope. By fate, they meet each other and fall instantly in love. Then they are forced to decide what they want more, the convenience of hidden secrets and hurt or the possibilities of freedom in love. I liked this book because Helena dissected their individual pain to the roots. She properly built the story. One thing led to another that led to another to the person that is a pained character. It was real life. We aren’t suddenly the people we are, we become that person built from all the little life experiences we’ve had up until that point. That was amazing. It was just enough suspense and tell. It wasn’t predictable. I also liked that Darrell and Natasha related so closely in their situations but because they were both too afraid of their secrets they almost lost a good thing. I think that is real life as well. If we were more open about the things that hurt us we would have more opportunities to love and heal. I think especially in the black community we have become too accustomed to dark secrets, and burdens to carry when no one asked us to bare them. I was clutching the book and side eyeing anyone who dared distract me from it!
For two and a half hours it was my precious! I so so so so recommend this book. Check it out. It wasn’t cheesy. It was raw. It was real. It was made up and relatable. There are a few places in the book that I have a hard time believing BUT it”s fiction. Deal reader! Deal! 5 stars. It could have a seat in my future home library. 

Four Review

I can honestly say I read this one like a woman in the desert craving water.  I was turning each page faster than the last, hoping and praying for some peace that was left in shambles at the last book in the series. 
It was the shortest of the series and the most necessary. Although my heart was not completely glued back together, I left with a greater peace than I had at the end of Allegiant. I could not stress how important it is that you read this book if you read the Divergent series. This is a 4/5 book because i definitely recommend it! i learned more about the love Tris and Four had.  We also get to see several key scenes of the first few books from his point of view.  I wished there was more written, i wish the ending wasn’t what is was but most importantly for once, I wish happily evers came true but unfortunately that is not always the case.  Happy reading readers.  Let me know what you think if you’ve read it in the comments below don’t forget to subscribe!