Are You the Quality You’re Asking for?

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There is, in the religious community, a very popular saying. It is the idea or notion, “I am waiting on my Boaz” and while there is nothing wrong with such a statement I find most women saying the statement to be under an extreme misadvisory. I am here to rectify such statements. Hope you enjoy. Ruth was the real MVP. 
Yes, the scripture says that he who findeth a good woman findeth a good thing, implying a woman should be waiting for her husband. While you should be waiting its important to know HOW you should be waiting.
Lil’ background on Ruth. She was a Moabite. She and her sister Opah married to the Isrealitie sons of Emeiech, Mahlon and Chilion. Her father-in law, husband and brother in law died. Leaving a grieving and discouraged Naomi. Naomi said, “I’m going back to my homeland. I can’t stay here. I heard the land is doing much better now. So you two go back to your family with my blessings.”Now you know how a person offers you something and you decline to be polite? That was Opah. “No thanks mother. I shall stay with you.” Naomi said, GURL. Go home. You know you want to and ain’t nothing left for you.” So Opah said, “ALright if you’re sure” and hightailed it home. Ruth on the other hand declined all advances.

I. Ruth was loyal. (Ruth 1:16-17)
Ruth knew where her true alliances lie. It didnt matter that her husband had died. It mattered only that she made a vow of unity to her husband and his family and refused to go back on her word to that. 
So she and a grieving Naomi travel back to Israel. Naomi’s friends recognize her and she immediately says, “I am not who you think I am. Call me Mara for I am very bitter.” Ruth immediately goes to work, knowing her mother in law cannot. She also find out information about the man she was working for and brought the information back to her mother in law. 

2. Ruth was wise (Ruth 2:2)
She did not keep the information of her kins man to herself or try to get the man without her mother in laws help. She did not begrudge her mother in law, despite the very negative attitude Im sure Naomi had. (nobody wants to be around a bitter person)

Having shared all that she had, Ruth worked hard. 
3. Ruth was a hard-worker (Ruth 2:3, 17-18)
She worked hard in the community and in the fields. She set a standard for herself. She did not rely on her mother in laws connections for sustenance. She did not pity herself or her circumstances. 

Having distinguished herself as a hard worker and a whole woman Boaz noticed her. When he spoke to her she truthfully introduced herself and made it known she was his family lineage. Again, she told her mother in law of the things Boaz said. When Naomi heard all these things she told Ruth what to do to get Boaz’ attention. 

4. Ruth was obedient/Under authority (Ruth 3:1-6) 
Ruth did not argue or stray from the directions of her mother in law. She came to Boaz and made it known she was in need of a kinsman redeemer. (She wasnt too proud to say she needed help. She wasn’t playing games hoping Boaz could read her mind). When Boaz discovered her, he sought to do right by her and did not take advantage of her. He told her to go home as he settled the matter the proper way.

5. Ruth was patient (Ruth 3:18)
She followed the directions of Boaz and was patient for a decision in regards to her kinsman. She was under authority to make sure she did not shame her family name. She did not try to sneak down to the city gates to see what the decision of her kinsman would. She waited on the Lord. 

Her patience and hard work was honored. In the proper ritual, Boaz was granted Kinsmanship over Ruth and took her as his wife. Then she bore him a son.

6. Ruth was fruitful (Ruth 4:13,17-18)
The product of her hands and patience bore of fruitful life. She settled well into her new home, culture, religion and family. All her seeds bared good fruit. 

7. Ruth encouraged Naomi (Ruth 4:16-17)
Ruth did not let her circumstances or Naomis influence get her down. She lived a good life and as a result Naomi was encouraged. She was no longer bitter. She was able to see God had not left her and she was not living and unfulfilled life. 

8. Ruth was an example
Although I’m sure Ruth was scared as a foreigner and unsure what to do, her heart for others allowed Jesus to have his perfect work in her life. Boaz is a true representation of Jesus in this story. He redeemed us when no one else could. When it looked like we were out of luck, and noone wanted us, he redeemed us to life. It takes a true woman of God to realize she needs to be redeemed AND make herself redeemable.

9. Ruth was rewarded
Ruth was the Proverbs 31 woman before Proverbs was written. She lived a godly life and as a reward a book of the bible is written in her name. She got the man AND she was well praised in her family and community. Boaz was a good man and he did a great thing by redeeming Ruth and birthing the next in line for Jesus to come into the earth BUT I think it’s important to notice the book is in Ruth’s name. She was focused and waiting on the Lord. She was not waiting for Boaz. She was working to provide for herself and her mother. To be a good woman you need to be focused. You need to be conscious of the work the Lord has for you! While you are living your life and bearing fruit for the Lord a man will notice you in the fields. 

I think it’s important to note Ruth did notice Boaz. That’s to say you can notice the men around you. She told her mother in law about him and then in the counsel of wisdom she went to him. But that’s a special case. You should not throw yourself at the man you THINK is your Boaz. Ruth is my character example of the bible. I want to be most like her and Esther. I want to get to a place of waiting on the Lord and by default waiting for my Boaz. You’re not supposed to be just sitting twiddling your thumbs. Youre supposed to be working hard on being quality for the quality you want him to be. You attract what you are.. so be something good. Don’t be offended that others of less than quality approach you either. Thieves only rob from houses of value. What you should be focused on is working hard on hearing the Lords voice to only look up when Boaz is standing in front of you. Until then God bless sister queens!

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