Monthly Archives: April 2016

Semana Santa

During Holy Week or Semana Santa in Spanish, Christian cultures like the one in Nicaragua commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus. Since pretty much the entire country is religious, Holy Week is a nationally recognized holiday! It’s hard for me not to overwork myself but aside from one small conquest to see a famous man in my department, I mostly read.

My small vacation consisted of me visiting The Natural Reserve Tisey Estanzuela and meeting Alberto Gutierrez, also known as the Stone Man, in his beautiful home deep in the Tisey Estanzuela Natural Reserve. He is 76 years young and has been carving stones on his land for over 40 years. He lives on rural land and it’s a bit of a hike but meeting him is half the fun. Not only does he show you his humble home but he makes you sign his book. Only about 1,000 people have met him. He loves taking pictures and showing what historical moments he’s commemorated in stone. Among the birth of Jesus Christ, 9/11 and many cities in Nicaragua. The view was spectacular. You could tell just how much Alberto loved his piece of Nicaragua and the stories it told. His attention to detail was apparent in the fruits, flowers and animals he pointed out at different times during the tour. Despite all the stones he already has, he continues to find mew places to carve drawings and inviting all who will listen to hear his stories.