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365 Watch of the Future

Hey guys! I don’t know the creators personally but I try my best to invest in other believers! Especially ones I like. So check them out, it’s a watch that gives a bible verse daily! It’s a great way to practice memorization and stay mindful of Him. It’s a quick read and an Indigogo campaign. WIth less than a month left for funding but over 50% raised, they need our help! $40 books in and you’re guaranteed a free one sooooo please donate

My Favorite Books…

Well I have tried several times to compile this list.  It was quite frustrating and the truth is:
I will list a few I enjoyed several times over.

  • The Host – Stephanie Meyer
  • Adaptation- Malinda Lo
  • Inheritance – Malinda Lo
  • Man Made Boy – Jon Skovron
  • The Underland Chronicles – Suzanne Collins
  • Harry Potter Series collectively- JK Rowlings

What do you like? Tell me in the comments.

One Week Left…

I leave in exactly one week for Nicaragua. My mom keeps asking me, “Are you sure you want to do this?” At first, I became a little anxious when she said that but now I am more confident the more she asks me. I know this is where I am supposed to be. Since you will be following my journey, I decided to answer some major FAQs before I start. 

Basic Info:
I am staged (sent to Nicaragua) March 3, 2015! I will serve until May 26, 2017. . 

Why did I join the Peace Corps?
I joined the Peace Corps for a lot of reasons. The first is I have always wanted to help people. I initially I intended to become a doctor, then I realized it would take too long to touch lives. So I got a business degree and joined the Peace Corps.

What do I hope to gain from this experience?
First, I fully expect God to show up in my life and show out. I am ready to strengthen my relationship with Him and get a better understanding of true trust in the Lord. Second, I want a heart change. I know I am going to have a greater appreciation for the things I am sure we, as Americans, take for granted. Third, I want the blinders of childhood and shelter to fall off. I look forward to the refinement true struggle brings. I don’t want to be without indoor plumbing but I know I can live without it. I want to see how much more important love, friendship and community is. The living examples I plan to see will be worth more than any 9 to 5 job could give me. 

What are my fears?
I honestly fear the coming truth of consistency. What do I mean by that? Well 27 months is a long time, and many people have promised to write and keep in contact. The truth will be in the pudding though. I want everyone to stay true to me and I hope I don’t lose friends along the way. But, some people aren’t meant to stay in your life forever. Still, it’s always hard to say goodbye. Right?

How long will I be gone?
27 months!

Do I believe the peace corps is something everyone should do?
Absolutely not. Although, I do believe everyone should travel! I realize that it’s not for everyone to trek it in the wild and that’s ok. Everyone’s purpose is different but there is always something to be gained in seeing new worlds. 

How do I feel about being away from my family and friends?
I feel two ways about it. On one hand, I am an army brat and have been traveling all my life. On the other hand, I have always live with family or friends of my family, never outright strangers. Still, I am comforted knowing I am still the same person. I’m sure it won’t take long for me to make friends, new connections and feel at home wherever I rest my head. 

Is it paid (although I find this question a little crass, I will answer it.)
Yes, a little over $8,000 (pre-tax) you can find this and more on the main Peace Corp site under benefits)

What will I be doing?
I will be a Business Educator and Advisor. Using my Entrepreneurship degree, from High Point University, I will be working hands on in the community to establish new and manage existing businesses! I will be working with business owners as well as in multiple schools, teaching entrepreneurship to students.  My students will be from 7th – 12th graders. 

How long was the process?
From start to acceptance letter it was about 13 months. I first opened applied September 2013. I received my official invitation letter December 2014. 

Do I have vacation days?
Yes, 54 days to go where I like. 

How will I communicate over there?
I can recieve mail, although the mail service takes up to 4 weeks to get completely from the US to me. I am told postage is about $.46-.49 cents so make sure you have the proper amount of stamps if you plan to send something. The address is below. I can recieve email, though I will not know for certain how often I will be able to check it until I get my housing placement. Feel free to contact me through the contact tab, it goes straight to my inbox. I also can make phones although service is more spotty and less reliable to farther out I am from the city. I will probably be getting a new phone and new number. I will also become proficient in the use of calling cards. (Yay!) 
PCT Janae Werdlow
Cuerpo de Paz
Apartado Postal 3256
Managua, Nicaragua
Central America
It is recommended that you send packages in padded envelopes NOT BOXES, as they are more likely to be opened, stolen from and/or taxed. (PS This address is not my location so don’t fear for my safety.)

What’s the weather like there?
warm season lasts from March 23 to May 14 with an average daily high temperature above 94°F. The hottest day of the year is April 24, with an average high of 95°F and low of 76°F. The cold season lasts from September 19 to December 15 with an average daily high temperature below 89°F. The coldest day of the year is January 15, with an average low of 70°F and high of 90°F. Juuuusssttt the way I like it! No snow, no fall, just barely any spring because September through December is Rainy Season! 

What will I miss most in America?
I will miss family (of course), Chipotle, Pearl (my ipad and it’s exceptional library of Ebooks), my bed and indoor plumbing (fingers crossed I have some!)

Do I think I’ll have a hard time acclimating?
Actually, no. My peace corps recruiter, who volunteered in Nicaragua years ago, told me I look just like them. I also speak the language. Although I’m not fluent yet, I am way above beginner level. I’ll fit right in. 

Do I wish someone had gone with me?
Sometimes I wish that. My ex-boyfriend loved to travel. However, having been single for about a year now, I can see my growth has been greater alone. I know God will move more in my life with less distraction. 

What do I think some challenges will be?
First and foremost, I must admit this reason is a little vain but I like being able to wear my definition of cute clothes, contacts, hair  and makeup. That won’t be the case in Nicaragua, but I’m thankful. I need to learn to be content wherewith I am. = Secondly, not being able to go home when I want. In the event I miss my family so bad I want to come home, I won’t be able to see everyone in one shot. I have a few days of visitation and I want to use most of it traveling to other continents and countries.  It’s cheaper traveling abroad while abroad. Lastly, convenience.. TV (I will miss you Scandal!), wifi, phone service, mail, when I want. It is all out of my control and much slower than I am used to. Again, this is just God answering my prayers… I asked for more patience awhile back. 

Expect to hear from me in a week! Feel free to let me know any other questions you may have. God bless!

Be a Bird

Isaiah 40:31 But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.
It is usually offensive to tell a woman she’s a bird, but I have a new light for it today. God tells us to be like eagles.. want to know why? A female eagle tested her mate several times before she settles to have eaglets. How? She takes a stick and drops it in the air. The male eagle must catch it before it hits the ground. Then she finds a bigger rock and drops it from an even high height. The male must catch it. Then she finds an even bigger rock and drops it from an even high height. Again, the male must catch it before it hits the ground. She will do that repeatedly until she is sure he can handle the job and responsibilities of being a mate and a father. 

I say if even a bird does it, we should think twice before taking any man that shows us affection.This process keeps us strong in the faith. You won’t grow weary knowing that you are weeding out the pretenders. This is the process of waiting for the one. There is only one man for me. Of course it’s going to get frustrating when many pursue you AND you entertain them. Men have changed the game by making us feel guilty for making it hard to talk to us. It is not supposed to be easy! That’s why men don’t stick around. They said they want it easy but they lie. The women they marry are virgins and made themselves very hard to get. Men are looking for something different. You can’t catch anybody’s eye looking like everybody else. Try covering up and making it work to get your number. Try waiting for someone who will CONSISTENTLY pursue. Trust that there is one who will work for you AND that you’re worth the work. 

Are you trigonometry or basic addition? For every complex math equation there is a mathematician that looks forward to solving it. I know I want to be a bird and I don’t care how men take it. I have proved my worth or else you wouldn’t be chasing me, but you have not proved your worth to me. In the words of the famous Olivia Pope, “You want me? EARN ME!” I hope I see more lady birds around my way. 

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised…

Revolution (noun)-  a sudden, radical, or complete change
There is something amazing happening on the inside of me. I am changing and it’s for the better. I am right on the precipice of major change in my life and I have 0 fear. Several people in my life, inadvertently, have cast their doubt on me and tried to project their anxiety of traveling abroad over here. To them I say, “my bible says be anxious for nothing. I suggest you take a read, in case your version skipped that verse.” I just know my two years are going to change me to be unchangeable. You can’t see it now but there are so many things I have been called to do. I am ready to be in a place where my only option is to call on God. I also can’t wait for the fakers in my life to be exposed! Nicaragua is going to show me who is really supportive and pushing me towards the things of God. It will also show me the path of . I warn you now what God is about to do in my life cannot be predicted nor contained and by the time you realize what He has for me, it will be too late. My revolution will not be televised. Tomorrow, it’s about to get real. 

Crossover Review

Reader suggested Crossover is a novel written by Kwame Alexander. This novel is written like a basketball play and poetically. I have to admit I was unsure but from the very beginning I was pulled in! I DONT EVEN LIKE BASKETBALL! The only thing I could envision while reading was this:
But the story is realistically relatable. 8th grade Justin Bell has a twin brother and is a beast on the court. He’s struggling with issues of life: being an adolescent, finding his own identity separate from his identical twin brother, and being alone. Like we all did in middle school, he has outbursts in anger and learns several life lessons. I recommend you read this short book and go for a ride! 4/5 I don’t like basketball so I won’t reread but it was just enough that I could tolerate it for the first read. Thoroughly relatable though! 

You Were Unaware…

Since you were unaware here’s a small list of AWESOME things invented by my people:
List of Things Invented by Black People:

  • air conditioning unit: Frederick M. Jones; HELLO! Gotta stay cool
  • baby buggy: W.H. Richardson; taking care of family business from the beginning, making it easier on the mommas
  • cellular phone: Henry T. Sampson; The device in your hand rit’ na’ (Thank ya!)
  • door knob: O. Dorsey; I’m not even sure what they were doing before these!
  • electric lampbulb: Lewis Latimer; all you candle lighting people can say thank you right now. Less fires these days *wink*
  • elevator: Alexander Miles; going up on a Tuesday, thanking the Lord for options to stairs
  • fire extinguisher: T. Marshall; this is so necessary! Everybody has one in their place of business!
  • guitar: Robert F. Flemming, Jr.; giving us good feel, music tool essential. 
  • hair brush: Lydia O. Newman; whew! where would waves be without you ma’am?
  • lantern: Michael C. Harvey; another savor in light over candle 
  • lawn mower: L. A. Burr; your grass is appreciative
  • lock: W. A. Martin; protecting the goods, thank you!
  • motor: Frederick M. Jones; this is used in almost ever electrical device so thank you Sir!
  • peanut butter: George Washington Carver; 1896
  • pencil sharpener: J. L. Love; pencils and eyebrows world wide thanks you!
  • refrigerator: J. Standard; every household has one!
  • stethoscope: Imhotep; Ancient Egypt; Doc McStuffins thanks ya.
  • stove: T. A. Carrington; again, where would you be without the black man 😉
  • straightening comb: Madam C. J. Walker; every black woman knows this lady’s name!
  • traffic light: Garrett Morgan; BET YOU DIDNT KNOW THIS ONE! 
  • typewriter: Burridge & Marshman; I personally and more grateful for this because his was the blue print for the device I am typing on today!

Amen black people! Black excellence everywhere, at all times, unawares. And if you don’t know, now you know. Any things you think I should have mentioned? I forget, tell me below! 

Are You the Quality You’re Asking for?

There is, in the religious community, a very popular saying. It is the idea or notion, “I am waiting on my Boaz” and while there is nothing wrong with such a statement I find most women saying the statement to be under an extreme misadvisory. I am here to rectify such statements. Hope you enjoy. Ruth was the real MVP. 
Yes, the scripture says that he who findeth a good woman findeth a good thing, implying a woman should be waiting for her husband. While you should be waiting its important to know HOW you should be waiting.
Lil’ background on Ruth. She was a Moabite. She and her sister Opah married to the Isrealitie sons of Emeiech, Mahlon and Chilion. Her father-in law, husband and brother in law died. Leaving a grieving and discouraged Naomi. Naomi said, “I’m going back to my homeland. I can’t stay here. I heard the land is doing much better now. So you two go back to your family with my blessings.”Now you know how a person offers you something and you decline to be polite? That was Opah. “No thanks mother. I shall stay with you.” Naomi said, GURL. Go home. You know you want to and ain’t nothing left for you.” So Opah said, “ALright if you’re sure” and hightailed it home. Ruth on the other hand declined all advances.

I. Ruth was loyal. (Ruth 1:16-17)
Ruth knew where her true alliances lie. It didnt matter that her husband had died. It mattered only that she made a vow of unity to her husband and his family and refused to go back on her word to that. 
So she and a grieving Naomi travel back to Israel. Naomi’s friends recognize her and she immediately says, “I am not who you think I am. Call me Mara for I am very bitter.” Ruth immediately goes to work, knowing her mother in law cannot. She also find out information about the man she was working for and brought the information back to her mother in law. 

2. Ruth was wise (Ruth 2:2)
She did not keep the information of her kins man to herself or try to get the man without her mother in laws help. She did not begrudge her mother in law, despite the very negative attitude Im sure Naomi had. (nobody wants to be around a bitter person)

Having shared all that she had, Ruth worked hard. 
3. Ruth was a hard-worker (Ruth 2:3, 17-18)
She worked hard in the community and in the fields. She set a standard for herself. She did not rely on her mother in laws connections for sustenance. She did not pity herself or her circumstances. 

Having distinguished herself as a hard worker and a whole woman Boaz noticed her. When he spoke to her she truthfully introduced herself and made it known she was his family lineage. Again, she told her mother in law of the things Boaz said. When Naomi heard all these things she told Ruth what to do to get Boaz’ attention. 

4. Ruth was obedient/Under authority (Ruth 3:1-6) 
Ruth did not argue or stray from the directions of her mother in law. She came to Boaz and made it known she was in need of a kinsman redeemer. (She wasnt too proud to say she needed help. She wasn’t playing games hoping Boaz could read her mind). When Boaz discovered her, he sought to do right by her and did not take advantage of her. He told her to go home as he settled the matter the proper way.

5. Ruth was patient (Ruth 3:18)
She followed the directions of Boaz and was patient for a decision in regards to her kinsman. She was under authority to make sure she did not shame her family name. She did not try to sneak down to the city gates to see what the decision of her kinsman would. She waited on the Lord. 

Her patience and hard work was honored. In the proper ritual, Boaz was granted Kinsmanship over Ruth and took her as his wife. Then she bore him a son.

6. Ruth was fruitful (Ruth 4:13,17-18)
The product of her hands and patience bore of fruitful life. She settled well into her new home, culture, religion and family. All her seeds bared good fruit. 

7. Ruth encouraged Naomi (Ruth 4:16-17)
Ruth did not let her circumstances or Naomis influence get her down. She lived a good life and as a result Naomi was encouraged. She was no longer bitter. She was able to see God had not left her and she was not living and unfulfilled life. 

8. Ruth was an example
Although I’m sure Ruth was scared as a foreigner and unsure what to do, her heart for others allowed Jesus to have his perfect work in her life. Boaz is a true representation of Jesus in this story. He redeemed us when no one else could. When it looked like we were out of luck, and noone wanted us, he redeemed us to life. It takes a true woman of God to realize she needs to be redeemed AND make herself redeemable.

9. Ruth was rewarded
Ruth was the Proverbs 31 woman before Proverbs was written. She lived a godly life and as a reward a book of the bible is written in her name. She got the man AND she was well praised in her family and community. Boaz was a good man and he did a great thing by redeeming Ruth and birthing the next in line for Jesus to come into the earth BUT I think it’s important to notice the book is in Ruth’s name. She was focused and waiting on the Lord. She was not waiting for Boaz. She was working to provide for herself and her mother. To be a good woman you need to be focused. You need to be conscious of the work the Lord has for you! While you are living your life and bearing fruit for the Lord a man will notice you in the fields. 

I think it’s important to note Ruth did notice Boaz. That’s to say you can notice the men around you. She told her mother in law about him and then in the counsel of wisdom she went to him. But that’s a special case. You should not throw yourself at the man you THINK is your Boaz. Ruth is my character example of the bible. I want to be most like her and Esther. I want to get to a place of waiting on the Lord and by default waiting for my Boaz. You’re not supposed to be just sitting twiddling your thumbs. Youre supposed to be working hard on being quality for the quality you want him to be. You attract what you are.. so be something good. Don’t be offended that others of less than quality approach you either. Thieves only rob from houses of value. What you should be focused on is working hard on hearing the Lords voice to only look up when Boaz is standing in front of you. Until then God bless sister queens!

Pat Yourself on The Back

Often times we are discouraged to not speak on our accomplishments which is understandable considering this generation loves to stunt, flex, pretend they are way better than they actually are. It is because of this extreme overcompensation of accolades that real achievement is not properly celebrated. So I say to you… toot your own horn today. I’m going to help you! You can pat yourself on the back if you’re alive! (nearly one million people die daily!) If you’ve graduated from HS, graduated from college, you’ve learned a trade, if you’re working your dream job, have experienced the beauty of having children, have grandchildren, just to name a few. You have accomplished more than your give yourself credit for. Be happy! 🙂

Featuring Coach Livi

I get a daily devotional email and it’s always a blessing. Imagine my sheer surprise and elation when the writer of the devotional commented on one of my blog posts. I am a firm believer of “ask and ye shall receive” I asked and had the privilege to interview and feature Coach Livi!!!
Tell me about yourself
Okay. So I will be 29 this year in June. I’m just starting my call. You know they say it happened with Jesus when he was 30 so I am stepping into my authority to do what God called me to do. My name is Livi and I go by “Coach Livi” for the purpose of social media. I’m going to officially change my name to Livi Anderson when the final chapter has closed on my old season and I can legally drop my married name.

My name is Olivia but I dropped the “Old”  and decided to step into the newness as the Levite that I believe He is calling me to be. I am called to be one who would take the Word from the masters and make it teachable in a way that can be understood. So that’s me taking my full identity on in Christ. That’s what I’m doing. I graduated in 2004 top of my class from High School. I started working and decided I wanted my boyfriend to come with me. We got married and had children. I have been in and out of college since then to 2012. I worked in corporate America successfully and although I was doing well and had, seemingly, what would be a perfect life I was falling apart mentally. Eventually, I am going to finish my engineering degree. Right now, I’m doing the work of the Lord and writing is my focus. My journey started in 2012. I gave it all to God and stop fitting uncomfortably in the mold of what others thought I should be.

What made you want to be a life coach?
It didn’t start that way.  I just decided I wanted to write for a living. If you look up Livi Pierre on you’ll find several articles written by me when I was using my married name. As I continued writing, things got hard.  I had lost my children and was severely homeless. It was a persistent homelessness but I knew God didn’t want me to stop writing. As I wrote, my marriage fell apart. As I wrote, I slept on my moms floor.  As I wrote, I got into a homeless shelter. After I lost my children, I decided to make a comeback on social media to vlog it.  Livi wasn’t available as a name on Instagram but Coach Livi was. After I created the name on Instagram, I completed my bio and started claiming my future as a life coach, speak, and spoken word artist. The name I started calling myself sort of became apart of my identity but I never set out to become a life coach.

How does one become a life coach?
I’m not a certified life coach yet. There are programs that you can invest n to be trained as a life coach. I’m currently pursuing the certification. Before this, I was just acting in purpose and writing from my experiences.

How long have you been doing this?
I have been doing the coaching on Instagram and sometimes Facebook since May 2013. I wrote as @CoachLivi and now I spend my time writing for A Queen’s Worth.

How did life-coaching lead to A Queen’s Worth?
I started A Queen’s Worth in Nov. 2011. I decided I could not do it anymore. I was unhappy, unsatisfied and unfulfilled. I felt like I lost part of myself trying to hold onto the marriage and the idol of perfection. I separated from my husband. I felt worthless. In January of 2012, I lost my job. I got scared and fell back into the marriage because I was scared of not giving my family all I had. I quit my new job and my spouse couldn’t handle everything on his own like I was doing. My voluntary separation from my last job was me saying no to the job and yes to God.

I needed to let him go because I wanted him to be like me but he wasn’t.  He was a carefree man and I needed to stop trying to force him to be me. Had I stayed the course in January I wonder where my ministry would be. When I finally let it all go, I picked the ministry back up in August of 2012. It was Worthy Queen originally two years before Coach Livi ever existed but the URL wasn’t available because someone had already had the vision but didn’t finish it. It was just sitting there there but I didn’t feel like fighting for it.  So I changed the ministry to A Queen’s Worth. My friend helped me build a website and it was all about me fully coming into the ministry.

What is it? How can people get involved?
The movement is coming. That’s how people can get involved. I plan to establish chapters and will prayerfully seek the guidance in getting it done. The vision is networks and meet up groups where there is an outpouring of encouragement between women. I want to have chapters that are lead by the strong women, young and older. Like that woman at the well. My ministry is not about celibacy and purity. My ministry is for the woman who have been through some things and situations that don’t exactly connect with other ministries but still needs to know that she is worthy. Like the woman at the well, I desire to see a generation that runs and tells others of the grace that is Jesus.  I offer free coaching as well. 15 min conversations that can change peoples life. God had to slap me to see the true root of the ministry. Its about healing and breakthrough: not charging Queens for access to what Jesus gave me.

What was your biggest fear in becoming a life coach?
It was essentially stepping into my authority.  I was intimidated by the fact that I don’t have any major degrees and am very young. God had to correct me to boldly speak life into others who are much older than me.

What does a typical day in the life of Coach Livi look like?
Take the little ones to school. Taking calls. Prayer before and at the end of each call. Taking breaks. I try not to treat it like a job. Utilizing the freedom in my job, reminding myself I can take an hour break in the middle of the day and its okay. I can do that if I needed. Its definitely an air of freedom but it requires discipline too.

What do you see for yourself 5-10 years later?
I realistically see a network of coaches that have been trained ministerially and business-wise. I see the ministry birthing forth more ministries. I see it being an umbrella for nationwide and national network ministries. I see myself going from more face to face coaching to developing more coaches, being fruitful and multiplying so to speak.  Developing other coaches who are living in freedom and that are answering the call in terms of leadership for women.

I see speaking engagements, of course, that’s just a part of what I’m doing. Maybe working with corporations where the message of accountability and healing help to encourage better employees. I see a rise in Christ in the corporations through A Queen’s Worth. I see Christ in the schools through youth outreach. Its not just for the strong centered woman. I see it birthing out other ministries, touching the entire family, not just women.

What has been the greatest moment to date in your career?
Having your mentors look to you. Especially considering I’m a life coach that has not had a physical face to face aspect in terms of speaking engagements and conferences. It’s encouraging to see the ones I looked up to sort of look to me and supporting. It’s pushing me to keep going. It’s almost like having Will Smith reaching out to a young actor saying good job I see what you’re doing. Its really encouraging to have other life coaches already established in their ministries and having great growth acknowledge me and affirm me in my ministry. Real talk Kim spoke over me in a conference right before God pulled me out of the valley. Her words actually encouraged a few posts. She followed me back on Instagram. That was like the greatest day of my career. I was telling my friends but I didn’t post it to the audience because I didn’t want to look like a groupie. But, I love her though.

What is some life advice you have for me?
My key piece of life advice is to really operate in your passion. He has already given you a gift that will open the door for freedom if you operate in it. Be persistent in it. It’s chain breaking anointing in the gift. Walk in it. Do it wholeheartedly and watch God move.

Her story was inspiring, hearing how God worked in her life and repeatedly showed her favor with four kids and being homeless. I enjoyed talking to her and our phone conversation was a blessing. I recommend you check her out on all social media outlets @coachlivi @aqueensworth and subscribe to her daily devotionals! Let her know I sent you. Did you enjoy? Let me know below!