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Hunger Games Review

Most people have seen the movie and if you have endeavored to read the book you may have forgotten the small details in the novel. So I’m going to do my best to review this book as if I have not seen the movie or read the entire trilogy!

Most people forget by looking at Katniss that she is JUST sixteen years old. Imagine how you were at sixteen. All caught up in having fun, breaking the rules, coming into your own, your body filling out more and wondering just what life has in store for you. You’re not so old that you’re looking for a job and planning your life but you are old enough to slowly imagine a spouse, kids, maybe even your wedding. I liked how straightforward Katniss is. She either is or she isn’t. There is no gray. She sees that raising kids in such a life that she lives would be a no so she ain’t making time for it. So she doesn’t even entertain feelings to elicit a crush or imagine love. Completely unaware that, in my opinion, she has feelings for Gale. Her best friend by series of unfortunate events: starvation, living in poverty, and death of their father’s to name a few. In another life, they would court, they would secret out behind the fence to kiss, not to hunt and one day they would marry and have kids. In another life though.. not their life. 
Their life is a postapocalyptic US where the world is nothing like it is today. As a result of extreme wars, a stalemate of peace was reached with the government. They decided on a yearly reaping, called the Hunger Games, to remind the 12 districts why there is peace.  Katniss has become strong in her resolve against life’s challenges and finds herself in a hopeless situation determined to live. All the challenges she experienced in dealing with the training for and going into the arena are nothing compared to her will to live. If I don’t know anything I know the Capitol TRIED IT! They got the game all messed up with the cruel and unusual punishments that occurred in the games. It’s ludicrous the notion to call these sick and twisted realities “Games.” It wasn’t quite obvious from the beginning, but the only real person who determined to make it out was Katniss and by some holy intervention and good luck she makes it to the end and Peeta comes too. She thought the games were over when they made it home but it seems like the rabbit hole only widened and deepened because the Capitol is furious she outsmarted the system! Had me like

 when I realized Peeta was butt hurt thinking the feelings in the games were real. I would take that man, fake leg and all. He was smart and kind and not too bad on the eyes the way I imagine him. Poor Katniss still stuck in her own mind about kids and love though. I’m gon start the second one asap so I can tell you how this goes. 

Lady in Waiting

Me: *standing still*
People: What are you doing?
Me: Waiting
People: Why?
Me: God told me if I stood still a million dollars would come my way so I am being standing still
People: But how long is that going to take? 
Me: I don’t know.
People: But the time it takes to come to you, you could have made a million dollars yourself
Me: Maybe
People: And how do you know where the million dollars is coming from? It could be fake.
Me: I’m not sure.
People: You could be standing there forever. Good luck with that.
Me: *Starts to get fidgety*

This is why we struggle with being single. Singleness is more than standing still, it’s waiting for a million dollars. To everybody else, it looks crazy to be standing still, waiting for a great thing God promised. People say we can find/make it on our own. People say we’re crazy for waiting and place doubt in us for waiting. But the sad fact is we clearly heard God say “Wait!” It is true you can make a million dollars on your own, BUT with a lot of hard work, many set backs and it will take a long time. Why not be patient and wait. That’s like saying I want a diamond and even though this guy says he’ll mine for me and let me know when he’s found one I’m going to do it myself. Not only is that dangerous but it’s foolish because I DON’T KNOW THE FIRST THING ABOUT MINING FOR DIAMONDS! God is the expert. Not only does he know what I want, He knows what I need, where the best diamond for me is located and how to cut the diamond to fit perfectly for me! Look crazy to the rest of the world and sit patiently waiting on God. You are much better for it. Everytime I go on my own looking for my diamond I always end up with a rock! I end up with something shiny but isn’t worth a thing. I take it to auction like look what I found! Look what I did! And everybody is giving me major side eye saying, “but girl, that’s a fake.”

The only reason you’re lonely is because you’re idle enough to notice. When I am hard at work I barely notice my phone not buzzing and I AM GRATEFUL for that. I would hate to have someone talking to me all day and I have no time to respond with engaging conversation.  I have time to network, to better myself, to learn and go places I could not go with a family. This is my time. This is the ultimate time to be selfish, free, without any ties! Why do you want to throw yourself into the bondage of “responsibilities”!? A family is lovely, they’re are benefits to it for sure, but if you’re single, it’s for a reason. I suggest you find out why before it’s too late. I am patiently waiting. Are you? Why not? Let me know. 😊

Your Box

Imagine your life if you didn’t live in a box. I know, you don’t think you live in a box; but you do. You work a 9 to 5 you hate, to buy things you don’t need, to pay off the multiple things you’ve bought, to have two days of false freedom and do it all over again. It’s a hamster wheel of living. Running in high speed, doing the same things that you don’t like, to have what you want. That is a box. I call it the normal box. 
So what would your life be if you didn’t live in a box. What is the thing you most desperately want to do? Cure cancer? Be a scientist? Be a model? Whatever it is, you can still do it. It is not too late. It feels weird when you go against the grain, but if you’re brave enough to take the path less walked you’ll see things no one has ever seen. I think that’s worth it. The first step is wanting something different. If you want something you’ve never had before, you must go places you’ve never gone before and do things you’ve never done before. It’s worth living outside the “normal” box. Are you normal? Or embarrassing your inner weird? Let me know!

What are You Afraid Of?

I used to be very afraid… of everything. Scared to be in love, scared to be alone, scared to be myself, scared to be exposed as a fraud, scared to be a failure to my parents, scared to follow my own dreams, scared of the dark, scared of hell, scared to share my poetry,  scared..of too much. I like to give themes to each year I am allowed to see. In 2014, I decided to embrace my fears. I took on many of fears, one of them being publishing a book and what I learned was this: fear is bigger than your actual fear. The idea of what I was afraid of was so big because my imagination is big, not because the fear was. God did not give me a Spirit of fear, and He didn’t give you one either. I think it’s time you stood up for yourself. It takes way more energy to remain in fear than it does to embrace the fear. You may be deathly afraid of heights, but I urge you to try zipline. If you’re afraid of the dark, go camping. You will be amazed at how much you learn, and discover about yourself when you let fear go. So.. what are you afraid of? Are you still stuck in fear or did you conquer it? Let me know! 

10 Secrets Creamy Crack Never Told Us

This user is in no way a professional or licenced beautician. She is just a girl with an afro and healthy hair sharing what she’s learned so far. 


  • I mist my hair every morning with water mixed with aloe vera juice. I never manipulate my hair in any way without some type of moisture unless my hair is straightened. Your hair needs water. It prevents breakage! I am not endorsing daily washing of your hair but you need to put some water and oils on your hair daily. However much you use is your choice! 

2. Your hair has 

  • Even if you big chop if you ever had a perm, your hair texture will not fully revert until after a minimum of one year. It is also important to remember your hair is your hair and what works for others may not work for you. What you use while you had a perm, or transitioning may not work for you when you’re completely natural. Know your hair, learn your hair and pay attention to your hair. Nobody can tell you more about your hair than you can after you learn it!

3. Wash your hair 

  • I know naturalistas that wash their hair every other day, me personally I wash my hair every two weeks, sometimes three! My hair products are light and my hair flourishes in ultimate moisture. Do what works for you

4. You cannot schedule

  • I go to a professional stylist who specializes in natural hair. She is so thorough with my hair and I wholeheartedly trust her advice. She explained that the purpose of a trim is to cut off dead ends, that is it’s sole purpose. If you do not have dead ends, there is no reason for a trim. My stylist trims my hair AS NEEDED! i used to press her about getting scheduled trims and she educated me on how trims work. My hair is very healthy and so far I get trims about twice a year. That is how much my hair needs. If you trim when necessary and not by obligation, you retain more length. Be mindful of stylists that aren’t concerned with your complete hair health!

5. Try, Try, and 
Try Again

  • Once you cross the river to natural queendom, nothing will be the same. When you press your hair, it will not operate the same. A wet set will not be the same. No twist out will ever be the same. EMBRACE THAT! You’re going to feel like it’s not right because your expectations are based on chemically relaxed hair. Often when we take steps in a new direction we look around to see if we’re doing it right. Trust me when I say, “the right way is your way.” Only you can be you, flaws and all darling. So be you! 

6. Look at the

  • The first ingredient in all products you use in your hair should be WATER. Never use anything with sulfate. It strips your hair and ultimately dries out your hair and your scalp! Be mindful for glycerin, olive oil, shea butter included in products as well. They’re great!

 Breakage vs Shedding

  • Know the difference! Hair sheds. That’s normal. You will learn your hair. What seems like a lot is often a little once you uncoil the strand. Be mindful of that.

Hot oil treatments are the campbell soups in hair

  • According to dermatologists hot oil treatments increase the elasticity in your hair. So basically the fountain of youth but for your hair. #win

9. BE

  • Your hair is coarser not stronger. Don’t handle it rougher. Handle with care.  Always with care! Work from the ends up to the roots. Never try to start from the root down. Big fros are attainable! You will one day have a fluffy pillow on your head that others envy. Just be patient. Healthy hair grows even though it may not seem like it to you. I recommend taking hair update pictures. However, I do not recommend straightening your hair. I recommend trying to straighten your hair no more than twice a year. 

10. Happy Hair Thoughts

  • Hair is much like life. It flourishes with HAPPY THOUGHTS. Do not desecrate your crown with false ideas. You are beautiful. You are created fearfully and wonderfully the way God wanted you to be. Do not forget that your hair is exactly how it’s supposed to be, as you learn how to manage and LOVE your hair.  As soon as I accepted nothing would ever be the same, I was completely liberated. Cutting my hair made me more free and confident in myself! Suddenly I wasn’t afraid of the rain, I was dancing in it. Suddenly my hair was fully of life not lifeless and oily against my head. My crown became just that, a crown and something I was proud of. Your crown will become the same. Just know you are not aloe. Embrace your natural community!

Who Do Men Say That I Am?

Matthew 16:13
13 When Jesus came to the region of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, Who do people say the Son of Man is?”

I was having a conversation with a friend (who shall remain nameless and I AM NOT JUDGING) about church. He said he doesn’t go to church. Assuming it was the reason most people used I asked, “no good ones?” He surprised me by saying it wasn’t the caliber of the church. Simply, he was not interested. That surprised me because it was unexpected and left the door open for deeper questioning. So I did, “Not interested in what? God?” I asked. To my surprise again he said, “all that. Just don’t focus on it.” 
I have never considered my faith something people group into a category. “All of that” gives the idea that church is something that people can assume in it’s entirety and in part that’s the church’s fault. Jesus asked, “who do men say that I am.” I say they think He is “the church” and not as in the Body of Christ; as in the building. They say He is a religion, they say He is a fake, they say He is an idea. But regardless of what people call him, His name has not changed. I don’t “do church.” I don’t go because it would please my parents. I still have my faith without “church”. The two are not synonymous in that tense. I have God, the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit, who are with me always. Somewhere along the line people have come to believe without a building there can be no practicing of faith. I say that practicing faith is a lifestyle, reinforced by the gathering of saints in a building. I know my friend was expecting me to spaz out on him, go “all holy” or whatever it is Jesus freaks do. However, I did not, in part because it was 3 am, and in part because he was not ready, but most importantly, I didn’t because no matter what “they” say, my God’s name will remain the same. It’s Jesus and I am sorry if that offends you in any way. You can’t change facts, only the way people perceive them. Do you agree? No? Let me know. 

Steering Wheel or Spare Tire

I saw a post today on IG that got me to thinking. It said, “Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire?”. I was really struck by this because it’s more than a plausible analogy. It is an applicable metaphor for life. Most times people HATE changing their tires. When they get a flat, they drive until they absolutely cannot drive any farther on that tire. If they’re feeling lazy or pressed for time, they’ll take it to a shop and have someone else change it! It is a last ditch effort for your car. It is something that has to be done, is done begrudgingly or is passed on to someone else. The equivalence is when Christians say, “pray for me. I’m going through” instead of praying for themselves and asking others to come in agreement with their prayer. 
The steering wheel, on the other hand, is the head honcho in charge! Without the steering wheel, you will go nowhere! If you happen to start your car without a steering wheel you’re only going straight, with no direction except by momentum and gravity. It puts you in sync with the car, because your steering wheel can move without you. It’s often a telltale sign for when your car needs an alignment. Without you actively being aware and in control, your car will go without you. That’s like God moving in your life and you not praying for direction and guidance. You know where He wants you to go but you’re not seeking him every step of the way. When you put both hands on the steering wheel you get where you’re going QUICKLY and SAFELY. You have to be both aware of the destination (God’s Purpose for your life) and the road (your life). When you see a dead animal (those who are content living in sin, without Jesus), a cone (warning signs about the road you’re on) or a strange object (tests/trials along the way) you have to respond accordingly, with a steering wheel you will steer clear and stay on the right path with God. Amazing right? So ask yourself is prayer your steering wheel or spare tire? Are you going to God readily, excitedly, ready to see where He wants you to go and how fast or are you dragging your feet to see Him? Are you trying to meet Him through other people because you’re too lazy to “make time” to hear? Let me know below!! 

You Have Something to Share


Please know: God will never put more on us than we can bear however what He does give us is our load to carry. You have a specific purpose and no one can fulfill that specific mission but you. Remember what we are made for the body of Christ. Your smile is to share. Your testimony is to share and your purpose is to share and ultimately bring more lives to CHRIST. The longer you procrastinate the longer those people live without God. Sad thing is we don’t know exactly how long they have. With great power comes great responsibility, but nothing is too hard or heavy for God. So know you have something to share and if you don’t share it, it won’t get out! What did God lay on your heart to share? You sharing it yet or nah?

What is a Relationship?

My generation has played a huge part in the redefining of many words. With Facebook, we slaughter the meaning of “friend”. With Twitter, we expanded the meaning of “follower”. With the ever growing need to connect and socialize, came the death of what “relationship” means. There is no place I can go for a definitive definition for “together”. “We’re together” always requires additional explanation. Something along the lines of, 
“thats bae” – meaning I like him and he may or may not know it
“that’s my boo” – someone I am fond of, we consistently talk and are fond of each other and may or may not be available
“that’s my boyfriend” – self explanatory
I think a relationship is anything two parties have together and all other words are describing it. I have a relationship with my friends, it’s called friendship. Everything else is too complicated for me. I don’t really want any relationship aside from courtmate (being in a relationship with the opposite sex with the intent to marry). That’s just me though. I know several women looking forward to being “bae”, anybody’s WCW (woman crush Wednesday) or worse a sidechick. So am I right or wrong? What’s a relationship to you and what are you looking forward to? 

Hardest Part About Being a Christian

By far, I think the hardest part about being a Christian is the balancing act. What I mean is you spend X amount of years doing what you want (drinking, smoking, having sex, aka sinning) and then suddenly you have an epiphany and you know you shouldn’t do those things anymore. Sometimes the desire to do those things goes away, but it has been my experience that we all have a thorn in our side. There’s that one sin you just can’t let go or will never stop struggling with. Here’s where the balancing act comes into play. You have to constantly balance between living life fully and making sure you don’t accidentally tempt yourself. 
Life is like a restaurant. You’re seated at a beautiful table with your closest friends and family and you’re happy about what you ordered although you’re craving ice cream and you know it’s bad for you. Still, you’re content because you got your plate of vegetables and it’s good. You’re healthier, have a better body than most of the people at the table and feel much better about life. Then you see the waiter walk past your table with a large delectable bowl of ice cream and you lose your appetite. Even though you’re happier with your vegetables, you miss ice cream and thinking about it has ruined your mood for veggie. That’s life. You know it’s not good for you, you may not even want it anymore but seeing it can ruin the good feelings you were having.
I am abstinent and very content with that. I have a purity ring and strongly encourage all women to be abstinent until marriage. It saves for a lot of heartbreak and curves more drama than you know. Still, I could be watching my favorite show, Scandal, and get a little down about it because who doesn’t want to have oval office sex. I am both kidding and being serious. The point is, it’s hard remembering to be good in all areas. It’s hard to remember not to curse. It’s hard to remember I am a new creature. It’s hard to remember I am representing a Holy God. It’s hard. Thankfully, I have a forgiving God AND He didn’t ask me to be perfect. Just take it day by day. What’s the hardest part about being a Christian for you?