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25 Days of Werdmas

It brings me extreme joy to present to you the #25daysofWerdmas. Counting down to Christmas, I will be featuring someone every day, for 25 days straight! They will range from my favorite websites, yoga mentors, writers, and more! You are going to want to tune in! I can not even contain my excitement with who I am featuring!  It has been an honor and a blessing to have so many people reach out to me and be so receptive to my blog. It gave me even more hope and inspiration that there are more people like me! This has been one of my best ideas yet! It is giving me an extra excitement for Christmas and even greater list of people to support worldwide! Features range from Dukk Corder, Superhumanyogi, Wilfred Morillo and more! You want to stay tuned, trust me. You thought Christmas was fun, try Werdmas. 

Divergent Review

I’ve just started this book and it’s obviously about social classes. The difference between the five is Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful), Erudite (the intelligent), Abnegation (the selfless), and Candor (the honest). Beatrice Prior is divergent, having inconclusive results from her faction placement test and able to be aware during her simulations.  Despite her inclination for abnegation, she chooses dauntless. She displays too many abruptive traits to believe she’ll fit quietly in her parents faction. Although she had hesitations she fits right in and through a series of ridiculously hard tests she begins to see it as her home. Then small things add up to what becomes a war. Thankfully she had the brains of erudite to overcome it with a little help from her mysterious but hot boo thing. I’m not sure if this is a series, it probably is. I’m not sure that I’ll read it if there is. What I am not sure of is if I believe the intimacy fear thing. I mean come on. Your parents never touched you at all girl? You don’t have tv? No book to say what sex is about. Clearly she knew what it was about but the fear seems irrational. Not sure I believe that. But anyways it was a good read. Check it out. 3/5 for me just because there was a lot I don’t understand about their government and factions. Took me a while to get some answers. Flourish in my comments below readers!

Black Friday!!

TOMORROW IS BLACK FRIDAY!! Most people don’t know I am an artist. Although I haven’t painted in almost a year, I have several paintings still available for sale! So tomorrow they will all be on sale! I am slashing the prices AND (but wait they’re more) all prices are up for negotiation! SOOOOOOO Tomorrow, starting at midnight, get on it! Here is a slideshow of what is in my store. Thank you

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving!! 1 Thessalonians 5:18, “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” Be thankful friends. 😊

Dear Ferguson…

The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Socrates
“The trouble is that once you see it, you can’t unsee it. And once you’ve seen it, keeping quiet, saying nothing, becomes as political an act as speaking out. There’s no innocence. Either way, you’re accountable.” – Arundhati Roy
“Hate: it has caused a lot of problems in this world, but it has not solved one yet.”  - Maya Angelou 
“I dream with my eyes open, but I pray with my eyes closed.” – Janae Werdlow
Dear Ferguson,
I cannot imagine the hurt you feel as a community of black people. Looking to your left and right knowing in your heart that brother you see could die tomorrow with no consequence from his killer. Or knowing your sister could be crying tonight, burden with another unjust loss. I am sorry for your brokenness. I cannot personally relate but I too hold the fear for black men in my heart. There is no one more hunted in America than a black man. That is a fact. It is a fact, I know, you are more aware of right now than ever before. Still, despite this sad day of injustice I must ask you to be more vigilant in your expression of anger. There is no need to loot. Destruction of any sort in your own neighborhood will ultimately affect you negatively. Burning the Walgreens down may feel good now but three weeks from now when you need some aspirin for a headache you will regret that. It does not reflect the character of our movement, our people or positively add to our cause. I must ask you to please please stop the destruction.I am not saying you can’t be angry. I am angry, but I plan to hit them where it hurts. The black community is the only community that does not invest in itself. We allow others to define our value system. We refuse to accept and promote the very things that were created for us, like F.U.B.U. (for us by us) or House of Dereon. Here is a list of the nation’s largest black owned stores. Here is a directory where you can black businesses in your area, where you can find all your needs. You can also download this app or this one, to find a black owned store near you. Money doesn’t make my world go around, but it does make a difference. Use your dollar, however small, purposefully. Spend it wisely.  It will be hard, but that’s the point. This protest is about sacrifice. We are all sacrificing for a greater good. I am sure it was hard carpooling and walking everywhere, knowing the KKK could kill you at anytime but our forefathers and mothers did so and now our buses are segregated. In the grand scheme of things, what is the real worth of a few christmas deals in comparison to the injustice of a life? When I think about it like that it is far too easy to say I can go without Christmas this year. I have my life, who cares if i don’t get another smart device.

Lastly, I want to encourage you to self evaluate. You cannot hate a people by color. You must hate the decisions people make. You must not be so angry you cannot find a solution and most importantly you cannot say one thing and live another. I know I cannot ask people to treat me better when I do not treat others and myself well. How can you expect others to see us a non-threat when we continue to act threatening? There is a way to be dangerous and nonthreatening. You can still be self aware, intelligent and self sustaining without being closed to networking with others. Even though we are all different, there is a need for unity. As we continue in our own Civil Rights Movement let us take a note from the previous Civil Rights Movement: every person dedicated to our cause is welcome, no matter their age, skin color or race,  because there is power in numbers. Barbara Ehrenreich said, “The Civil Rights Movement, it wasn’t just a couple of, you know, superstars like Martin Luther King. It was thousands – millions, I should say – of people taking risks, becoming leaders in their community.” There is no such thing as too many leaders in a community so rise us and lead Ferguson.

My people in Ferguson I want you to know you are not alone. There are millions, worldwide, committed to your cause and sending your support in prayers and love. Please be encouraged. Take a moment to breathe. It will get better. Change IS going to come, if not tomorrow, I don’t know when. I only know He promised it would. 

With love, 

Comparison Breeds Discontent

“You will never be able to walk in my shoes; mainly because I don’t plan on taking them off to prove anything to you.”
-Sarah D. Jakes

My mom always told me, “comparison breeds discontentment.” I took that to mean no matter where I am in life, I should never look farther than myself and the bible to gauge my level of success.  Society has a way of telling us to fit in. I don’t know when it happens but by the time we are adults, we begin to look everywhere except ourselves to measure our own success. Psychology calls it, “the Asch Conformity theory”.  In school we called it, “Peer Pressure”.  Somehow the idea that being different or choosing your own path is ridiculed and unfavorable, until proven successful. For example, Einstein is NOW praised and held as one of the greatest scientists of all time. Although most people cannot list his achievements or discoveries they do know his name and face.  He was slow to speak as a child, extremely behind in comparison to children his age. I am sure that made him the butt of several jokes in school, but look at him now.  When you compare your journey to someone else’s three things happen:
1. You discredit God
When you serve the Creator of Time is it even relevant to ask, “But God when is my time coming?” It’s almost childish. So you’re 40 and haven’t had a child yet. So? It is not beyond God’s power to make you have the womb of a 20 year old. Grow up. Increase your faith. I would suggest study the women of the bible who had the same issue and were blessed.

2. You discredit yourself
The only person who knows exactly where you started in relation to where you are right now is you and God. You compare yourself to someone else not knowing where that person started! You might think, “they have everything I want right now.” Not knowing it took them twice as long as it will take you to get it. Accept your journey completely. It is yours, singularly, uniquely  and completely unlike any one else in the world. There is beauty in that and it makes you incomparable. 

3. You stress yourself unnecessarily
Sometimes it is ok to be disappointed in yourself. When that happens you can either do one of two things: cry about it OR fix it! Don’t waste time by moping around. When things happen that make me upset I give myself 24 hours to adjust. Meaning if I want to cry, I only have 24 hours to do so. If I want to be angry, I can only be angry for 24 hours. After that I say to myself, “Ok, can I change it?” If the answer is no, then being upset is useless and I must move on. If the answer is yes, then I will do what I can to change it. Either way, excessive emotions are draining, and quite frankly, a childish thing. (I Cor. 13:11)

So! Are you comparing yourself to others or learning to embrace your own path in life? Tell me in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!!
P.S. Happy Thanksgiving Ya’ll.

You Forgot Something

I am a self taught painter and one of the hardest things I have experienced while painting is making the color brown. It struck me one day making a mural for my father, God is the best painter ever. I was beyond frustrated because I could not make the same shade of brown twice. The painting was looking like a gradient instead of one color with highlights and tones. Although I didn’t finish the painting, I learned a major lesson. There is so much beauty around me, especially in the colors of people. I am in awe that it was all created in SIX DAYS! I am an artist, and too often I see what others cannot. I want to encourage you to stop today and smell the flowers. See the beauty in its petals and its perfume. God created something beautiful, you, me and everything you can see. Find one thing beautiful and comment it below. ☺️
P.S. It’s almost Thanksgiving!! Be grateful for what you have, EVEN if you don’t have a lot! God bless!

Hair Gurus

I have a few youtube pages I swear by! I will post some videos I used, pay attention to the accounts and subscribe to them!
This is how I twist my hair. Regardless of the direction, the spacing or the curler I can use at the end I always section off and twist my hair. I have found braid outs to be not as effective on my hair. I don’t have a good grip and it fluffs more than curls.  The sectioning is crucial as it helps my hair dry faster and majorly reduces frizz when I undo the twists.

Who I follow (click their names to see their youtube channels):
Natural Neiicey is my hair crush. I love her so much and follow her on Insta. 
Mary K is so innovative and has sold me on trying crochet braids with Kanekalon hair… one day. 
Naptural85 has beautiful hair! I absolutely love her beautiful spirit and her daughter is adorable! 
Tiffany Nichols has great protective styles. 
Breana Rutter is where you want to go to believe you can do any hairstyle. She is so easy to follow and has inspired to try new things with my hair head on!
Fusions of Culture is an African Queen! On top of having beautiful hair, I could listen to her accent all day.  I check her hair vids and her makeup vids because her face is always beat for the gawds!
Cassandre Beccai is my hair Shero, hands down. She is what I hope to be between her hair, her beautiful family and beautiful spirit, I have been blessed to know her page. 
Hope you find your own hair inspirations, sheros and tips! Know somebody I should be following? Comment it below!

What If My Truth Says Your Truth Is a Lie?

There’s this saying, “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.” People tend to say that when they’re lying. Here’s a thought. What if your story isn’t worth sticking to? What if all the little white lies pile up and they’re worthless!? “I don’t look fat in this dress.” “This is appropriate for church.” “I deserve that coach bag.” “I need that weave.” “My rent can wait.” All stories, all truths you convince yourself of and my truth says yours is a lie. If people were a little more honest with others and more importantly themselves we’d have a whole lot less FOOLERY and more necessary honesty. Think about it. Feeling what I’m saying or no? Let me know.

Mockingjay Review

Well if being put in the games, having all the people she loves lives threatened and separation from Peeta wasn’t enough they don bombed this girls house. scratch that, not just her house HER ENTIRE DISTRICT. Lawd knows it went up without a second thought because they mine coal! Poor chile. She has more than PTSD now she down right insane. Or bordering it. Slowly, she’s being weaned off medication and all she wants to do is wander aimlessly and sleep. Instead of, to everyone’s disappointment, being the face of the uprising as every leader had hoped. After seeing Peeta imprisoned by the Capitol, being used as a mouthpiece to call for a cease fire in an attempt to STILL save katniss she relents. She has decided to be the Mockingjay. But it comes with a price, the first being that SHE SUCKS AT IT. She has to read off information and get all dressed up, quite similar to how they prepare her for the games and just like in the Games, she cannot pretend to be someone she is not. 
But once she gets where she belongs (true war) ish gets real. Every move she makes is a dagger in her hopes of Peeta surviving. Each district is fighting and warring fiercely but the Capitol is thee worst! Homeboy Snow had it setup like the movie Saw on steroids. The closer inside they get, the closer to a sure death. Katniss and her team finally, with great casualties, some very near friends to her, finally make it to Snow’s mansion when the absolute unthinkable happens. It threw me for a loop and I know when the movie airs tears will roll! Everything in me wall slid.
Like nnnoooooooooooooooo, not Prim! No! That changed the ending in a dramatic and unexpected way. Still, with a little time Katniss gets the thing she wanted but dared not even hope for because her wish was finally granted. It gets 5/5 stars. I thoroughly enjoyed it. You will too. Go read. If you already have, do you agree with my review? Let me know below. 

Catching Fire Review

We begin with Katniss back at her home, attempting to find a sense or normalcy that will never exist again. She is suffering from PTSD. She has money, no need for a job and Gail has started working in the mines, leaving her alone most every day. Peeta still has feels about her pretend love so she’s left to her thoughts. President Snow shows up at her house, like the G that he is and lets her know she has bigger problems than stewing about her new house being too big. Uprisings threaten to occur unless she convinces the nation she means no harm to the Capitol. Once she realizes the lives of everyone she cares about depends on her, she begins to plot to save them. Slowly, she finds solace in Peeta again, only this time it stems from  genuine friendship; nothing pretend.
Having to diffuse a bomb that is so clearly counting down, she tries her hardest. I’ll give her that. Both she and Peeta try desperately to portray a love so engulfed with desire to squelch any notions of rebellion. However, as they soon find out, the districts were like dry grass, waiting for a spark to blaze in uprising. Thrown by President Snow’s attempt to continue with business as usual, the 75th Hunger Games are announced and everyone is floored to know only winners will be reaped this year. The games are even more treacherous this year too. Mentally and physically incapacitating Katniss, even though she and Peeta actually trained. While the games are riveting, they quickly come to an abrupt end when Katniss electrifies and destroys the forcefield around the arena. Captured and medicated, she soon realizes the truth is much bigger than she ever imagined. The rebellion has begun and she is to be the spotlight of it all encouraging the districts in their fight. That cliff hanger at the end booooyyyy, I have to hand it to Suzanne. 
4 out of 5 stars. You’ll be a little lost if you don’t read the first book and I have to say that contributed to the loss of a star. No matter, I wholeheartedly recommend you reading it.