10 Secrets Creamy Crack Never Told Us

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This user is in no way a professional or licenced beautician. She is just a girl with an afro and healthy hair sharing what she’s learned so far. 


  • I mist my hair every morning with water mixed with aloe vera juice. I never manipulate my hair in any way without some type of moisture unless my hair is straightened. Your hair needs water. It prevents breakage! I am not endorsing daily washing of your hair but you need to put some water and oils on your hair daily. However much you use is your choice! 

2. Your hair has 

  • Even if you big chop if you ever had a perm, your hair texture will not fully revert until after a minimum of one year. It is also important to remember your hair is your hair and what works for others may not work for you. What you use while you had a perm, or transitioning may not work for you when you’re completely natural. Know your hair, learn your hair and pay attention to your hair. Nobody can tell you more about your hair than you can after you learn it!

3. Wash your hair 

  • I know naturalistas that wash their hair every other day, me personally I wash my hair every two weeks, sometimes three! My hair products are light and my hair flourishes in ultimate moisture. Do what works for you

4. You cannot schedule

  • I go to a professional stylist who specializes in natural hair. She is so thorough with my hair and I wholeheartedly trust her advice. She explained that the purpose of a trim is to cut off dead ends, that is it’s sole purpose. If you do not have dead ends, there is no reason for a trim. My stylist trims my hair AS NEEDED! i used to press her about getting scheduled trims and she educated me on how trims work. My hair is very healthy and so far I get trims about twice a year. That is how much my hair needs. If you trim when necessary and not by obligation, you retain more length. Be mindful of stylists that aren’t concerned with your complete hair health!

5. Try, Try, and 
Try Again

  • Once you cross the river to natural queendom, nothing will be the same. When you press your hair, it will not operate the same. A wet set will not be the same. No twist out will ever be the same. EMBRACE THAT! You’re going to feel like it’s not right because your expectations are based on chemically relaxed hair. Often when we take steps in a new direction we look around to see if we’re doing it right. Trust me when I say, “the right way is your way.” Only you can be you, flaws and all darling. So be you! 

6. Look at the

  • The first ingredient in all products you use in your hair should be WATER. Never use anything with sulfate. It strips your hair and ultimately dries out your hair and your scalp! Be mindful for glycerin, olive oil, shea butter included in products as well. They’re great!

 Breakage vs Shedding

  • Know the difference! Hair sheds. That’s normal. You will learn your hair. What seems like a lot is often a little once you uncoil the strand. Be mindful of that.

Hot oil treatments are the campbell soups in hair

  • According to dermatologists hot oil treatments increase the elasticity in your hair. So basically the fountain of youth but for your hair. #win

9. BE

  • Your hair is coarser not stronger. Don’t handle it rougher. Handle with care.  Always with care! Work from the ends up to the roots. Never try to start from the root down. Big fros are attainable! You will one day have a fluffy pillow on your head that others envy. Just be patient. Healthy hair grows even though it may not seem like it to you. I recommend taking hair update pictures. However, I do not recommend straightening your hair. I recommend trying to straighten your hair no more than twice a year. 

10. Happy Hair Thoughts

  • Hair is much like life. It flourishes with HAPPY THOUGHTS. Do not desecrate your crown with false ideas. You are beautiful. You are created fearfully and wonderfully the way God wanted you to be. Do not forget that your hair is exactly how it’s supposed to be, as you learn how to manage and LOVE your hair.  As soon as I accepted nothing would ever be the same, I was completely liberated. Cutting my hair made me more free and confident in myself! Suddenly I wasn’t afraid of the rain, I was dancing in it. Suddenly my hair was fully of life not lifeless and oily against my head. My crown became just that, a crown and something I was proud of. Your crown will become the same. Just know you are not aloe. Embrace your natural community!
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